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This day trip is for visitors who want to spend a day or just a few days in Myanmar. Schedule your trip to Burma with our detailed travel information: Burma/Myanmar travel planner with maps, hotels, activities, travel information, advice and reviews from Use this interactive travel planner to find an affordable international phone plan. Myanmar - Destinations - Travel Tips.

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This is a full range of excursions for those who want to spend a single or a few nights in Myanmar. You could make a choice of their interested route and research stories,..... The Myanmar Classical Route is conceived so that you can see the most important sights of the land such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle lake, etc.....Trip Planner Classical....

Itinerary Name: Discovery of the old Mon capitals Duration: 6 day Available: all year round Departure: every day Destinations: Tribe Discovery 1 (HTTP-03)Duration: 3 Discovery 3 Discovery 3 Discovery 1: Available: Departures all year round: departures daily: This is Myanmar's most famous Ngapali Bay, 7km from the city of Thandwe (Sandoway), in the state of Rakhin.

We' d like to give you one of our specific tours to get to know the wildlife in the Kalaw area.

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Now that Myanmar has recently come out of a long era of unstable politics, it is beginning to find its own base, making it an ideal time for an genuine venture there. You can wander between the luxurious Stupa and welcome a monk's benediction in the Shwedagon Pagoda, one of the most famous pagodas in the land, or a delicious picknick in the Shwe Indein Pagoda.

Continue to delve into your own cultural heritage by taking part in a personal puppet making session and exploring the markets of ancient medicines before you receive a beneficial massages. Myanmar, the biggest South-East Asian nation, can be difficult to sail, so why not choose quotient travel and spare yourself the headaches?

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We' ve never been to Myanmar and when we read the forums we are in awe. That is our problème, there are group who say if you don't go with a motion businessperson (and precise few substance are remarked on the meeting) you'll person question and be adhered to at airfield with canceled flight and question with building, etc..

Never take a trip and generally reserve our air and hotel services in advance. We' re open to an agents booking our air and hotel if that's really useful or necessary to make sure they can solve the issue - provided there are more issues for these things in Myanmar than in other places in Asia where we've never had one.

Does Myanmar look like China, where few English or any other languages are spoken? The TA Forums travelers have always been the most useful to us, so we post this before we begin our travel itineraries.

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