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Burma Trip Planner - See & do more in your Myanmar vacation

Myanmar, which has been open to the West since the beginning of the twentieth centuries, is attracting more and more tourists with its gold-plated couples and lavishly adorned churches. People looking for a sunny and sandy holiday on Myanmar's many secluded shores, perfect to escape the contemporary life and relax with a sunbath and a read.

Myanmar's well-rounded route also offers some relaxing leisure pursuits such as sipping a cup of coffee in a cosy tee house, eating a savoury dinner in a familiar restaurant and lingering in a centuries-old buddhistic christen. The area is teeming with various places of worship and nature, such as decorated cougars and ploppas, Buddha statues, mighty falls, picturesque botanic parks and thrilling itineraries.

This predominantly rustic area leads visitors to various indigenous communities, gold-coloured Buddhist monasteries, game preserves and lively marketplaces with hand-woven goods and lacquered goods. Myanmar's most advanced area is the most popular tourist route thanks to its large market, conserved settlements and renowned mountain caves. One of Myanmar's most important monuments of military service, the birthplace of Mon civilisation is still an outstanding stop.

Myanmar's trade center has an amazing array of colorful architectural styles, dilapidated memorials, stunning Buddha temple, and modern marketplaces and dining places. Formerly the kingdom of Pagan, which paved the way for the rise of Burma's civilization and languages, Bagan is now an excellent holiday getaway for Myanmar's historical lovers.

One of Myanmar's most sacred places with an ostensible 2,600 year history, Shwedagon Pagoda has an ornate tower decorated with gems. The Bagan Temple: Myanmar's Angkor Wat offers over 2,200 richly decorated buddhistic churches, palagodas and convents that can best be discovered by bicycle or horse-drawn carriage.

This Myanmar tourism destination, one of the most well-known places of worship for many Myanmar Buddhists, has some of the best sights in the area. The luxurious eight-sided stucture is still one of the most beloved places in Myanmar, the most celebrated characteristic of which is an anchored wisp of Buddhaha.

Catch a view of the town from different points of view by taking a three-hour rail journey by engine, a great way to start your Myanmar itinerary. With over 1,600 stores in a pulsating colorful Myanmar boutique, this Myanmar tourist destination features crafts, jewellery, painting, lacquered goods, fabrics, spice and food. Burma is known for its wide variety of food, thanks to the different nations living within its boundaries.

Like in most of the other parts of the world, you should have plenty of travel food during your Myanmar vacation. Myanmar's most favourite breakfasts are pasta in seafood stock, but it is also available all days in local cuisine. You can find pasta with broth and curry of chickens almost everywhere, but best in Shan state, where the food has its origin.

Tea houses are a large part of Myanmar's cultural and gastronomic heritage. Myanmar is not as big as Thailand or Vietnam in large commercial centres and hypermarkets, but that doesn't mean you can't find anything to buy. Trade is a very reasonable practise, so if you have the ability to bargain a good deal, you will have a pleasurable buying environment during your Myanmar holiday.

Cheap gems such as Java, Ruby and Sapphire are easy to find throughout Myanmar. This is the perfect gift or souvenir for your trip to Myanmar. It is also a well-known manufacturer of "longyi", patterns made of delicate fabrics carried by both sexes. It is understandable for a buddhistic state that Myanmar's label is about showing due regard for others.

If you are going to visit places of worship, wear appropriate clothing. Bargaining is regarded as an accepted practise, but your Myanmar holiday will be more enjoyable if you do it only in the market and not in stores. Myanmar's most public holiday is about faith. Aka the Water Festival, the New Year is celebrated in April and participation is regarded as one of the most enjoyable activities in Myanmar.

In October, thrilling boat racing takes place here. Though Myanmar was a UK settlement, only about 5 per cent of the people speak English. Break the linguistic barriers during your trip to Myanmar by studying a few useful fundamental sentences in Burmese. Burma benefits from a three season tropic moonshine.

May to October is regarded as the wet seasons, which can also cause devastating hurricanes. Myanmar's best vacation is between October and February, when the climate is drier and cold. There are some isolated Myanmar travel locations that can only be accessed by ferry or plane, but most important attractions can be accessed by train or car.

However, the structure requires a certain amount of impatience and a certain degree of unease - consider it an genuine part of your Myanmar trip. There is a package of accommodation available if you want to stay by coach during your Myanmar vacation. It is a good practice to collect the necessary information before heading to the more distant places.

Tips are certainly not a prerequisite in Myanmar, but the personnel and tourist leaders can look forward to a small award for their work.

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