Myanmar Trip Itinerary

Burma Itinerary

Two weeks' itinerary in Myanmar. Burma is easily the next destination. I hope it will help you plan your own trip. Return to Burma on a trip and be welcomed by the locals. Enter the heart of magical Burma on this classic itinerary.

Burma itinerary: Transparent 7 day (1 week)

Myanmar, which has been locked to most of the rest of the globe for centuries, is quickly "discovered" and is about to become one of the most popular travel destination in Southeast Asia. Myanmar is a worthwhile destination with fewer people than neighboring Thailand and a wide range of places of natural and historic interest.

Whilst you get the best Myanmar viewing when you stay two or longer periods, it is possible to see most of Myanmar's highres. Below we have arranged a week-long itinerary for travelers wishing to visit Myanmar, covering most of the country's attractions. Myanmar is one of the least advanced South East Asian nations, but travel can be a little more expensive than in Thailand or Vietnam.

How much do I need for Myanmar? will cover the costs of traveling through Myanmar, from lodging to board. The itinerary begins in Yangon, the former capitol and most important business metropolis of the state. Yangon, with five million inhabitants, is Myanmar's biggest town and a crossroads of Burma, Britain, India and China.

Passengers with a passport from outside Southeast Asia require a Myanmar entry permit. From 2014, people from more than 100 nations will be able to travel to Myanmar on e-visa. The Myanmar Tourism Visas Application Procedure Guidance provides more information about the country's visasystem. Though Myanmar is one of the least advanced South East Asian nations, Yangon is a busy town with a wide range of accommodation.

The Yangon Quick Guide shows the best Yangon luxurious, mid-range and budgeted accommodation and the best restaurants in the town. It is full of interesting places of interest and attraction, from beautiful colorful monasteries to some of the most important buddhistic couples in the whole wide globe. On the second outing to Myanmar we visit some of Myanmar's most spectacular monasteries, such as the unbelievable Shwedagon Pagoda:

Shwedagon is a 99 meter long Buddhist silhouette that is by far the most prominent element in Yangon's skin. Legend has it that the ancient construction dates back more than 2,600 years, making it by far the oldest in Myanmar. Yangon is a large Buddhist Buddha in the center of Yangon.

As one of the city's most beloved venues, the Nairobi plays an important part in some of the country's recent policy outreaches. There are two big Yangon ponds, both beautiful and soothing. The Kandawgyi is a large artificial pond near the Shwedagon Lagoon, known for its caraveik-barkasse.

Another artificial Yangon northern artificial sea, Inya is a more favourite with its people. You want to see more of Yangon? The Things To Do In Yangon guidebook provides a list of the most important places of worship and culture, as well as museum, Colonies and more. An unbelievable old town in central Myanmar, Bagan is home to several thousand buddhistic churches.

The nearest Bagan International Bagan International Nyaung U International Airfield is served by Golden Myanmar Airline, Asian Wings and several other domesticlines. More than 12 daily departures from Yangon to Nyaung U take 80 min. onboard. Upon your arrival in Bagan you will have to settle a $20 US (or 27,000 kyat) charge to access the archaeological zone of Bagan.

The most important of Bagan's main sanctuaries list the best sanctuaries you can see during your two visits to Bagan. You can fly all or part of the way between Nyaung U and Mandalay Airport in just half an hours. Things To Do in Mandalay guides list the main Mandalay places of worship, culture and history as well as nearby places of interest such as the unbelievable U Bein Bridge.

It is recommended that you spend a few long hrs in Mandalay and explore the city's main sights before taking the early night Inle Lake coach or a flight to Heho Airport in the afternoons. Alternatively, if you don't Mind Losing the Quick Stop at Mandalay, you can take a direct flight from Nyaung U Airport near Bagan to Heho Airport (Inle Lake).

As Bagan, foreign nationals must contribute $10 US dollars to get into the Inle Lakes area. Are you looking for accommodation near to the Inlesee? A list of the best luxurious, mid-range and affordable properties near Inle Lake is provided by our Inle lake - where to stay guides. is an unbelievable fresh water sea in the center of Myanmar.

The Inle Sea is home to several thousand individuals, most of whom are living in fishermen's communities by the sea itself, a miracle of biology and one of the most important nesting and migratory areas for several thousand bird species in Myanmar. Exploring the Inle Sea is easy with a cruise.

There are both group and individual trips on the lakeside, beginning at 20,000 kyats (about 15 USD) for a full-time ( 8 hours) trip to the lake's main attractions and market. It is also possible to walk around Lac Inle, which provides an unbelievable view of the magnificent scenery of Myanmar.

The Inle Lake - Things to See - Things To See And Do Guides show you the best sights and activities around Inle Lake, as well as a less touristic route for your Inle Lake outing. The seventh of the days it is packing up and returning to Yangon. Every single working days there are a lot of airfares from Heho airport to Yangon, the journey takes just over an h.

When you depart from Heho on one of the previous departures, you will have several free flying lessons for additional visits to Yangon. Begin your Myanmar trip now! Skyscanner offers you the best deals on Myanmar airport tickets - a single query shows you the rates and timetables of many airline companies for your trip.

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On our Myanmar Routes you will find out where to go and what to do: Discover our Myanmar travel guide to other Myanmar travel locations.

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