Myanmar Trip Cost

Burma travel expenses

I am constantly asked about my budget for Myanmar and my total spending in a month. What does a trip to Myanmar cost? What kind of money will you need in Myanmar? In two days my wife and I will go to Myanmar, and our trip will last three days at Lake Inle and stay in Nyaungshwe. It only offers extra costs, if at all, and at a much lower price.

What does it cost to travel in Myanmar?

Life, work and travels are one of the major issues I am asked about my life in Southeast Asia: "and how much did I spend in Myanmar in a month?" It is something that seems to be one of the major issues of tourism there, as it is not as worn out as other areas in the area.

Actually, those who scream great characters are panic-mongering (or live in luxury) because it's not as costly as you might think. Burma is $35 a dollar a day. Includes meals and drinks. Travelling in Myanmar depends on the nature of the traveler. While I was lucky to sleep in a hostel or sharing a room with a casual traveler I saw on the coach to shared the cost, many prefer the convenience of having their own room, or the luxuries that came with the higher quality properties.

The latter, however, being state-owned, entails the whole other discussion about good citizenship. Myanmar's avarage cost for a cheap room is $25. The cost of eating and drinking varies from individual to individual, of course, and whether you can share the cost among a group, and it is likely that your drinking budgets will fall here, as there is a clear shortage of nightlife in the villages and communities.

Eating and drinking in Myanmar can be within a decent $10 per diem budge. This is a coarse, inexpensive guidebook for Myanmar. I have included my most important everyday expenses to show you how to get here as cheap as in any other Southeast Asian city. Crude talks for the Kiev to the greenback, if it is a transportation or tour-related deal, are 1,000 kyats to the greenback.

In general, all overnight fees and fines (if reserved from your hotel) are payable in US dollar, which is the best way to do so. Kyat pays for public transportation and the rental of motorcycles, guide services etc., as well as meals, drinks and shopping such as meals on the streets and at the fair.

To make it easier for you to look it up, I have translated all the following Kyat trades into US Dollar. I' ve also given the name of the pensions and hotel I use, which I recommand and would use again - prices for one room are shown unless otherwise indicated. Traveling in Myanmar is only as much as you do.

When you give up the need for comfort, supreme luxuries and great dining for a few nights or even a few months and are ready to make life easier and more relaxed, traveling in the countryside is not inaccessible to the ordinary traveler. As a matter of fact, some of my best experience have been at the top spot traffic and road housing grocery booths, and I can't hardly look forward to going back, even though rates are rising slightly.

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