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The Myanmar Travel Blog offers useful tips for people travelling to Myanmar (Burma). Here you can read some articles about Myanmar Tourism! That travel blog was about. Military is still the ultimate power in Myanmar. More topics on our blog.

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Burma must be one of my favorite places in Asia. There' are astonishing things to see in Myanmar. It' also one of the most contentious tourist attractions. In the following I will talk about whether you should have a vacation in Myanmar at all and all kinds of useful information about this land, as well as visa, how to get around, what to wrap and so on.

Also you can find my guidebooks about Mandalay, Bagan and Yangon as part of this Myanmar blogs. Are you supposed to go to Myanmar? Besides the issue of whether you would like Myanmar, what to do, how much it will cost, etc., the issue is whether it is the responsibility to go to Myanmar or whether you are violating the peoples of that state.

Simply put, Myanmar was governed for years by a oppressive army regime. Penalties were imposed and the pro-democracy rulers of the state called for an official ban on travelling internationally. A lot of folks took their counsel (including me) and the number of Myanmar visitors was low. Myanmar's policy path has brightened.

The appeals to visitors to avoid visits have calmed down. It is a decision of your own whether you come to our site or not. In Myanmar, your vacation should include as many trips as possible to try to put your funds in the government's possession. It' an astonishing land and the advantage of all this is the shortage of people.

Although my Myanmar is full of visitors, that was not my real life. I saw other overseas visitors at most touristic places, but I spend most of my time without seeing them by strolling through the villages and villages I visit. There were busloads at the more touristy places in Mandalay, but it was hardly inundated.

So I went to Myanmar alone and left J and the children in Malaysia. That' s why I wanted to be as quick as possible and still make sure I saw a decent piece of land to make the journey a reward. It feels like I have done that and I have seen my most important things in Myanmar.

From Bangkok I went to Mandalay. Then I went to Mandalay Palace and Mandalay Hill. After my homecoming to Mandalay I rented a cab to take me to Sagaing Hill, Inwa and the U-leg bridges. More about Mandalay in my travel guidebook. So I got up early and went to Bagan. And I was in Bagan before 8:00 a.m. and I drove right to Ananda Pahto.

Then I went through Old Bagan and some of the surrounding area before having a long luncheon at Be Kind To Animal' s The Moon. Then I drove back to the airfield and did some work while I waited for my early night trip to Yangon. Here you can find my travel book to Bagan. At Yangon I took a cab to my motel (more information here) and went for a stroll to get a feeling for Yangon.

Early morning I was up to discover Yangon in the beautiful, cold outdoors. After a walk in Lonely Planet I went through some of Yangon's ancient monasteries and architectural colonies. Click here to view the full Yangon itinerary. In Myanmar I chose not to take children, mainly because of the land transport.

I am sure it would be good with older children who like to spend long holidays with us. I was also concerned about the touristic sites in Myanmar. While there are child-friendly rides, the fact is that everything I did in Mandalay would not have been appropriate for young children.

I' d hate to miss what I saw as Myanmar's top attraction. But Yangon is different and I think we'll have a lot of laughs there. Native people are very child-friendly, and I don't think you would have any problem to visit Myanmar with your own child - as long as you have the funds to travel or if you have a child who can travel long distances.

When you are anxious about the concept of discovering Myanmar on your own, or if you want to make everything really simple, then a tailor-made trip in Myanmar is a good one. is an expert in organizing tours for people or their families with many top professionals and a top Yangon tour operator.

For more information see their blogs here. It wasn't too hard in Myanmar. The trip to Myanmar will involve a trip to a neighboring state and then fly on. Flights Air Asia between Myanmar and Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur. The 2. 5-hour trip from Yangon to Kuala Lumpur cost only US$50!

Please inform yourself about the current regulations for your travel arrangements before making your reservation. Shortly after my bookings, they began to issue them at Yangon International Airports. That was very angry because I had reserved the plane to Mandalay (but otherwise I would have done it differently). I' ve been reading a bunch of blog posts before my trip that said you needed immaculate records, but that's not so.

I' ve found three varieties in Myanmar - British, European and Australian styles! Moving around Myanmar can be tough work. That Myanmar rail trip story made sure I never took one! And I was flying Air Bagan from Mandalay to Bagan. Actually I bought the Golden Myanmar tickets on-line, but this trip was canceled and I was automatically rebooked on an Air Bagan-trip.

It' been a 30-minute plane ride, but it was great. Air KBZ from Bagan to Yangon, which I also reserved on-line. It was also a very gentle and simple trip. The trip lasted about 1.25 hrs and I got a small lunch and a refreshment. It was Myanmar I totally love.

If you want to use another cliche, you should definitely go there now - don't hesitate! I' m sure things will soon be different if more men come. There were enough English-speaking English-speaking visitors and there were enough indications that traveling in one particular land was simple, but there were not so many visitors that I could not get away from them or that they tried too hard to take profit of them and their funds, as in many other Asiatic states.

At first I thought they might want to cheat me in some way, but that's just not the case in Myanmar. It' also very interesting and there are many sights in Myanmar. However I had a marvellous introductory tour with a trip to Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan.

The best activities I have in Myanmar are concentrated in these places. They are all very different with very different touristic sites in Myanmar. I' ll be recommending them all if you are planning your own Myanmar vacation - which I do!

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