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I didn't prioritize my trip to Myanmar because I had such false prejudices. The latest travel reports and news from Myanmar, curated by local experts working for a travel company in Myanmar. Comments from Joshua Kurlantzick. Burma, formerly known as Burma, has always been a spiritual place. Sylie and Scott's travel blog.

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Myanmar: a profoundly spiritual and intriguing land, a place that will leave a lasting impressio n to the visitors. It was a great pleasure to hear that two of our travel professionals were appointed Top Travel Specialists by no less than Condé Nast Traveler..... One of the most demanding journeys I have ever been on - and undoubtedly one of the most worthwhile - was Daphne Piri's trip back to Myanmar.

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Most travelers will have a 1 hr trip from Yangon to Bagan in Myanmar. The Mohinga is probably Myanmar's most renowned meal and a must during your stay in the countryside. Everywhere in Myanmar Mohinga is a kind of broth that I..... In Myanmar, Sanon in Bagan is one of our favorite Myanmar dining places that serves unbelievably delicious meals while being supported by Myanmar Youth Development....

Lake Inle is the ultimate climax of many visitors' vacation in Myanmar. Coming to Myanmar you will quickly see a garment that will be used by just about everyone, both men and woman, young and old....... Red Mountain Winery is located on the east shore of Inle Lake, embedded in the rolling countryside surrounding this iconic Myanmar site........

You can reach Boulder Bay Eco Resort by ferry after a 6 hour cruise through the Mergui Archipelago. We now estimate that most of those who read this blog have probably been to a botanical garden once or twice in their lives. Myanmar's Golden Rock is one of the most important places of worship in the whole state.

Although it is often known and is known as the Golden Rock, it is..... Journey..... You have several ways to decide how you want to journey through Myanmar. There are a few things to consider when it comes to making Myanmar cash, so we thought we would display them beautifully and clearly for you.......

Away from the well-trodden paths, far from the normal Myanmar touristic itinerary, there is a small city just sitting there just waitin' to be explored. SWEDAGON Pagoda is probably the most important and best-known building in Myanmar. It throws a gold light over Yangon at midnight, a..... Although Hpa-an is not a top of Myanmar's visitor lists, it has an unbelievable amount to have.

This is a quiet hilltop city in the higher parts of Shan State, which is one of our favorite places. The Ngapali is Myanmar's first sand and is often considered one of the best in Asia. Hiking in Kalaw, or more precisely from Kalaw to Inle Lake, is one of our favorite activities in Myanmar.

A whole range of things you can do in Bagan these few and more. Flying, temple in a warm aeroplane or tasting Myanm..... Myanmar's most favourite activity is a cruise on Inle Lake. After 3 years living in Myanmar, he gives his best travel advice for Myanmar,.....

The Myanmar administration recognizes 135 different tribal groups in Myanmar. When you think about going to Myanmar, happy birthday! Just ask anyone who has been to Myanmar what one of their permanent recollections is, and some will tell you about the many hawkers who..... How do Myanmar toy traditions look like and what are they?

Bagan, the antique town that was once the capitol of the pagan empire, has around 2,200 monasteries stretching across the orange plain. Everything you need to know about chewing betel nuts in Myanmar..... The first time you leave Myanmar International for the first time, you will soon find that the natives are going to wear an unfamiliar attire?

Learn everything about your daily excursion to explore the..... The U Bein is one of Myanmar's most popular tourist sites. Located 1.2 kilometres across Lake Taungthaman in Man..... Where' s Yangon? You want to travel to Yangon, Myanmar, but where exactly is Yangon? As I felt that I had seen everything, I am experiencing another astonishing goal in Myanmar.

What is the best place to spend the night in Inle Lake? Here in Yangon there is a busy arts and musical life. Her Inle Lake adventures begin long before you reach the Inle Heritage stilts.

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