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Burma Trip

Are you planning your first trip to Myanmar? Use STA Travel to travel to Myanmar. We have sorted your Burmese adventure from flights and transport to excursions and tours! Burma, formerly Burma, is one of the most magical places you will ever visit. How can you make the most of your trip?

Thirteen expert tips for newcomers

Burma has become a new Asia based city with its distinctive cultural and tourist attraction and the particular nature of the Myanmar population. Planing a journey to Myanmar is full of great challenge, as the country's decade-long external isolations have resulted in a shortage of sufficient infrastructr...

Capture the breathtaking rises and sets of the sun, whether from the top of Mandalay Hill or in the waters of the U-leg bridge that reflects in the skies; take pictures of the translucent Inle Lake expanse, a hot-air baloon that flies over thousand of shrines, or the centre of the holiest gold Shwedagon pagoda.

True charms of a land lie in its inhabitants. Myanmar residents will not overlook the sincere smile of the local population, their sincere and unselfish help, their cheerfulness in the middle of the hardships and their strong conviction that good things will come. Communication with local residents can be the greatest pleasure and the greatest benefit during your journey.

Burma is perhaps the best place to experience the Buddha School ambience, as the Buddha School pervades every facet of the life of the locals. Myanmar has a high regard for religious life. Even though the process of becoming a friar often costs a couple of years of money for a hostess' families, they still think it's a worthwhile thing to do once in a while.

Though Myanmar is in a state of economical growth, it retains its old-fashioned charms, with antique relicts, folk traditions and historic architectur. In comparison to other Asiatic destinations such as Thailand and Vietnam, the costs of a Myanmar journey are 20% to 50% higher and the experience is very different, which could account for why Myanmar is not the most favourite one.

An expert on-site tour leader will help you make the most of your stay here, as the leaders are well educated and the customers fully understands you. Myanmar, the biggest in Southeast Asia, is relatively relaxed in its infrastructures, such as airfields, motorways and railroads. Normally, Myanmarans travel by plane or land.

So it is possible to walk through the countryside within 10 working hours. Remember that Myanmar is big and not as easily accessible, at least not as simple as Thailand, and this will help you choose how you want to go. It is not advisable to get tired or to spend too much pendulum work.

There are clear differences between the different periods of the year in Myanmar. It is the best season to visit between October and April, with good meteorological conditions and nice scenery. Between May and September the coast was devastated by Typhoon and heavy rains and high temperatures in the interior make travelling difficult. It' not only the wheather that determines your journey, but also the destination itself.

As soon as you have Myanmar on your pail lists, schedule ahead and schedule your holiday for it. There are three main parts of the price of a Myanmar trip: hotel, transport and itineraries. The travelling times are also expensive, especially for a hotel. A 10-hour long distance coach from Yangon to Mandalay, for example, is only $10.

A Myanmar itinerary may not seem as inexpensive as a single adventures. Usually a travel guide's salary doubles during the high seasons and can be up to 200 USD per daily. Either opt for a leader to follow you all the way, or for a letterhead leader at each travel location with different perspectives and people.

The majority of Myanmar guides and tourist sites pride themselves on being a one-of-a-kind tourist attraction, and this is attracting more and more travellers who are thirsting for one-of-a-kind adventures. However, it is important to remember that Myanmar was only opened a few centuries ago and is definitely not a luxurious city. Get a shock when you first arrive at an airfield a 1/10th the scale of New York's Central Station; and get used to sporadic blackouts in isolated areas (not common in major cities); flip-flops and trousers (local name Longyi) are what the locals think of as Anamani-suits, so you don't get insulted to see your guides in such clothing.

They may have been on the road a long way, but this first journey to Myanmar will certainly be a whole new one. No. It won't be exactly like the last journey to Thailand or the Florida summer holidays. It' only Myanmar, so hopefully you can just take it the way it is.

A 7-9 day visit to Yangon-Mandalay-Bagan-Inle Lake-Yangon is the best route for your first Myanmar cruise. From Yangon to Mandalay (like Yangon-Bagan-Inle Lake-Mandalay), then on to Thailand (Bangkok/Chiang Mai) or China (Kunming) or the other way round. If you are travelling, how you are travelling and how much you are going to invest in your first journey to Myanmar... After the answer to all these question has been cleared up, an overview of your journey appears and you only have to fill in the gaps.

You will certainly want to involve as many places as possible on your first journey to Myanmar. This first excursion is a test of the water; you should take it very slowly. You can only find out more about the land itself if you take more of your own free and easy access to it.

And, remember, as varied as China is, Myanmar merits a return. In general, a round trips with 4 main goals can never go awry for a first time. Yangon: the former capitol and still an important centre of religion, starting point and destination for a journey to Myanmar. Well, two should do it for Yangon.

You have to have a whole working holiday. Two more. TANDALAY: a place to learn more about the story of the old empire. It is recommended to spend 2 nights in Mingun, with a detour to Amarapura or Mingun. Take a 2-day rest in this heavenly sent spiritual re-treat and another one or two nights for hiking around Kalaw.

From Inle Lake or Yangon the sandy beaches can be accessed in one hour by plane. It has been named the best in Myanmar and one of the top 25 beaches in Asia. You can find more information about travelling seasons and locations under Nine days in Myanmar.

The majority of Myanmar's arrivals are at Yangon International Airport or Mandalay International Airport. Travellers travelling from other mainland areas use a transport hub because there are no airlines operating directly between the big west towns and Yangon. When you have been to other Southeast Asian destinations, for your comfort, we recommend that you travel through a town you have already visited.

Bangkok, for example, has over 10 departures a day to Yangon and both Bangkok Airport are easily accessible, even without a guidebay. Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City and Guangzhou can be the starting and finishing points for your first journey to Myanmar.

Have you never been to Asia? Nationals of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, the Philippines, Vietnam and Thailand have the right to 14 day exemptions, but may only travel through Yangon and Mandalay airport. Citizens of other nations should seek a Myanmar visas, either on-line or through an Myanmar consulate.

If you need more information about visa, please see Myanmar Visa and how to get a visa. Over the past few years, more and more backpackers, shop chains and cosmopolitan properties have jammed into Myanmar. In Yangon, select a nearby resort near Shwedagon Pagoda, which is the centre of the town; for Bagan, your first journey will only take 3 nights and it will be better to remain near Old Bagan, as you will have the opportunity to see the Pagoda wake up at night; for Bagan, it will take only 3 nights;

Sleep near Mandalay Palace, the centre of Mandalay Town; you can't miss a single room with a lakeside perspective at Inle lake, so the best place to sleep is Nyuangshwe or anywhere else on the la. More information is available at Top Accommodation in Myanmar.

Are you sure it's secure to go to Myanmar? Myanmar's law-abiding people and their allegiance to Buddhism have made it a safer place to go. Notices such as the Yangon bombing, the Golden Triangle trading in opinum, civilian disturbances in some countryside and air accidents may give the illusion that Myanmar is not so serene.

However, it is not fair to consider Myanmar insecure of a minute percentage of the events that are taking place there. Getting around Myanmar by plane is the best way to get around, especially when your flight schedule is tight. If you have enough travelers' days, a Irrawaddy River trip is a good way to get from Mandalay to Bagan.

A visit to Myanmar is generally regarded as secure. While most Myanmar residents are supportive and kind, you should take steps to prevent pickpocketing. You can find more information about security at Is It Safely to Travel to Myanmar. Myanmar's health care is among the lowliest in the country, but health care is likely to do well.

Yangon and Mandalay are the country's most reputable health care institutions. It is strongly recommended that you take out full cover, all necessary immunizations and take any medication you may need before departure. You can find more information on health care under How to keep healthy in Myanmar. One of the greatest challenges in organizing a journey is the shortage of appropriate information and communications skills.

Trip information is not refreshed to keep up with the moment. The majority of tourist fares, such as domestic flight bookings, hotel bookings, cruise booths and daily trips, cannot be reserved through on-line web sites. That might account for why a tour operator has an important part to play in implementing itineraries.

As an example, domestic departures can be modified or canceled a few day or even a few hour before take-off, and the air traffic state is not refreshed on-line. If this is the case, a tourist agency will help you by providing you with the necessary information and altering your route. If you are planning a group trip, the greatest professional is that you will probably be saving a great deal of time.

A number of agencies are certainly doing a good job when it comes to packaging cheap accommodations and the countrys best features at a good value. Personal trips can also be a great way to save a lot of money in your own search. Choosing a hotel or destination may seem easy, but point connection in Myanmar is a challenge even for seasoned people.

The shortness is one of the benefits a privat tours can have. We provide you with a travel leader for your first Myanmar journey, who learns to become your boyfriend, who knows your needs and helps you explore.

We work with grassroots businesses in Myanmar that have a keen awareness of their responsibilities to help travellers better appreciate and appreciate our community cultures. In order to guarantee a flavour of genuine Myanmar food, we select a number of regional cuisines and sometimes organise cookery courses in them. Watch us travelling responsibly in Myanmar. Myanmar's inborn attractions are attracting more and more travellers and there is no better way to give free reign to your longing to go to Myanmar than now.

Explore our pre-built Myanmar travel routes for your own personalised itinerary.

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