Myanmar Treasure Resort Bagan

Bagan Myanmar Treasure Resort

Booking Myanmar Treasure Resort Bagan, Nyaung-U online. Burma Treasure Resort ("Bagan"). This hotel is located in Bagan, near Nagayon and more! Booking / access to Myanmar Treasure Resort Bagan is included. Its active from the product Myanmar Treasure Resort Bagan, a three-star building in, Bagan.

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but it would be better if it contained the cereals." Download prices of hotels..... The Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan is located within the archaeological reserve of Bagan, close to all the sights of the place. Encircled by shaky palm trees and landscape garden, the resort is a charming mix of historic splendour and sophistication.

This bamboo tile foyer is a jewel in itself with its walls and pillars elaborately covered with real works of art inlays. Impressive hexagonal pillars of tea wood decorate the magnificent open-styled dining room with a view of the swimming pools.

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