Myanmar Treasure Hotel

Burma Treasure Hotel

Discounts at Myanmar Treasure Resort in Bagan, Myanmar. Find the lowest prices for Myanmar Treasure Resort Ngwe Saung Resort in Ngwe Saung Beach. The Myanmar Treasure Hotel is located in Bagan. Great discounts for the Myanmar Treasure Hotel Bagan. Located in New Bagan, this comfortable hotel is only a short drive from the main sights and temples.

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It is the most striking testimony to the Myanmar people's dedication to religion, with tens of thousand shrines scattered across the Bagan Plain. It connects to one of the wealthiest archeological places in Asia and offers a view like nowhere else in the world. The Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan, is located within the Bagan Archeological Reserve, close to all the nearby touristic attractions of this area.

The hotel grounds are a charming mix of historical and modern style, with palm trees and beautiful garden. You' ll have the liberty to discover this huge and intriguing area at a slow tempo. Hiring an e-bike is a MUST in Bagan and it is one of the best ways to discover Bagan.

Rent an e-bike for a whole outing at Myanmar Treasure Resort, Bagan and it will allow you to go where you want and have an adventurous time. Bagan's archaeological area is 13 x 8 km and although the major streets are asphalted, there are many sandy streets that are much simpler to cycle on than on a regular cycle.

Rather than sweat from the effort of biking, you' re cooling off when you' re on an electric bicycle. It is one of the best ways to have a night in the Bagan culture, influenced by the richness of Myanmar's culture, which reflects the intriguing story through music. Join us for a culture night with our Myanmar Folk Dancing from 12 ethnical groups - Chan Tradtional Dancing, Prince Dancing, Kayin Folk Dancing, Myanmar Parasol Dancing, U Shwe Yoe and Daw Moe, Trad. Nat (Spirits) Dancing and the schedule goes on.

Bagan's arid, warm plain looks like it's all cacti. Spend your free day enjoying our palm tree gardens when you are visiting the Myanmar Treasure Resort in Bagan.

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