Myanmar Travel Warning

Burma Travel Warning

Do not travel unnecessarily to the following countries as there is a risk of serious unrest: This article explains our argumentation about ethical travel: There has been no change in our level of travel advice. In Myanmar as a whole, be very careful. Here the US State Department warns the Americans not to travel.

The five legends about the Foreign Ministry's alerts on travelling

In November, when the U.S. State Department released a global trip warning, many travellers wondered what to do, where to go and what it really was. After the alarm went off until February 2016, there is still a lot of uncertainty, so here is the real situation behind the US State Department's warns.

Travelling alarms and alarms are virtually the same. When you plan to go abroad, go to the Foreign Ministry's website,, where you can find the latest safety information on any place in the canoe. There' s a global State Department emergency right now, so travellers should be indoors.

So, please grab your suitcases and make a careful choice of your destinations. The Foreign Ministry itself is trying to declare that such a general alarm should not turn us into a fearsome people. "We do not give out worldwide travel alerts to discourage US nationals from traveling," Cocks states. "The Travel Alert provides U.S. residents with information on the latest levels of threats and encourages travellers to be vigilant and careful during the holidays and in places visited by people.

"If I still want to go, despite the Foreign Office warnings, I have to take care of myself. State Department and senior safety professionals are recommending that you sign up for the State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP), which facilitates the receipt of safety alerts and location by the U.S. federal state.

You should make a list of potential helplines abroad, such as the local U.S. Embassy or the closest U.S. Mission or the closest Russian Ministry, as part of your safety brief. Alerts from other nations do not concern Americans.

Lead United announces Myanmar trip after end of tourist seasons despite travelling alerts from the US federal authorities | Schedule

Lead United have scheduled a post-season road trip to Myanmar with two friendlies, although the administration has warned against travel to certain areas of the state. Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has been experiencing a number of years of civil disturbances, and the United Nations is examining allegations of Rohingya Muslim ethnical purges, more than half a million of which have escaped the Burmese state since August last year.

Burma is one of the most rapidly expanding countries in Southeast Asia and loves the game. You have set yourself a number of ambitions for the advancement of popular and top level soccer, which we are thankful for. It will give us the chance to get to know new soccer supporters who will hopefully help us on our way back to the Premier League in the oncoming years.".

Myanmar FA Secretary General U Ko Ko Thein said they would be delighted to welcome an England side with the Leeds United legacy. Myanmar's soccer infrastructures are improving and developing, and this is an important landmark on our path, he added.

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