Myanmar Travel Visa Requirements

Burma travel visa requirements

It will take longer if you come from a country that has no embassy or consulate in Myanmar and you cannot apply for an e-visa. Have a passport valid for at least six months after your departure from Myanmar. What do I have to do before I go to Burma? Toddlers and children also need a separate visa, even if they travel with their parents' passport. People of Myanmar need a visa to travel to Denmark.

Applying for a Myanmar in Thailand Visas

The most important facts about Myanmar's tourism vision are given below. Information on the commercial entry form can be found here. For most foreigners a Myanmar entry permit is required. For Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Cambodia and Laos a visa-free journey is allow. Myanmar has an on-line system of passports in place in addition to those available at embassy and consulate level.

The aim is to simplify the recruitment procedure for visiting scholars, especially from non-Myanmar host states. People from 100 different states are entitled to Myanmar e-visas; the full listing can be found here. You can find a listing of Myanmar diplomatic and consular missions around the globe here.

Currently, e-visas are only available at the three major Myanmar internation airports: Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw and long-distance trips to Myanmar via the Thai-Myanmari crossing points Mae Sai/Tachileik, Mae Sot/Myawaddy and Ranong/Kawthaung (e-visa does not apply to China, India or other points of entry in Thailand). Because of the delicate policy situations in some frontier areas, there are restrictions on entering and leaving Thailand via landborders; there are four unlicensed crossing points in Thailand, but China and India need specific authorisations.

Touristic visa is for 28 additional 14 additional nights at US$3 per night (plus a one-time administrative charge of $3). Remember that if you exceed the length of your stay, you may experience problems when you book a trip and/or hotel, as not all of our employees are familiar with the overdraft-rate.

Don't get your visas too early: The duration of your visas (i.e. your date of arrival in Myanmar) can be between one and three MONTH. Don't get your visas too late: When you get a hard copy of your passport, it can take anything from one to more than two days for an embassy or consulate to handle your request.

It will take longer if you come from a non-Myanmar host county and cannot obtain an e-visa. Passports must be in place at least six month after your date of travel from Myanmar. As a rule, a one-time visitor permit costs around 50 US dollars.

Applications may differ according to the countries from which you are submitting your applications, but it is usually a straightforward one. Here you can find your nearest German diplomatic mission or your nearest German diplomatic missions. Failure to obtain your Myanmar visas before leaving your home state and obtaining an e-visa could make Thailand one of the most likely locations, either in Bangkok or Chiang Mai.

In Bangkok, the trial is simple: Myanmar Embassy's Bangkok Department for Foreigners' visas is open from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and is closing on the weekend. Touristic vouchers are 1600 Bahts for two working days. Faster handling can result in additional costs and on the same date you must present airline ticket for a Myanmar ticket within 24h.

You' ll need two passports and a copy of your identity page (there is a photocopying machine at the embassy). To obtain a Myanmar airport entry on the same date, you must also present your flight card to Myanmar. The pickup of the visas takes place between 15.30 and 16.30 o'clock. Myanmar's message is located between Surasak and Chong Nonsi on the BTS Skytrain (Silom Line).

Coming from Surasak, drive eastwards on Sathorn Road and after 400 meters (five minute walk) you will find the visas section on the lefthand side. Visit the Bangkok and Chiang Mai Ambassadors and Consultations for the full address of the Bangkok and Chiang Mai Councils. Please be aware that a tourist visas is no longer available in Myanmar.

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