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Myanmar (Burma) is a beautiful and culturally rich country that has been cursed with a brutally oppressive regime for decades and has made headlines in recent years. Guidebook to Burma (Myanmar). Includes the main destinations for independent travellers travelling to Burma. Myanmar Visa's best advice is to check with the Myanmar Visa website before traveling and choose the best method to apply for a visa. Please read the entire travel information.

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Burma is one of the most magic and unexplored travel destination in the world: a gold country of stunning natural beauties and charms, imbued with intriguing histories and centuries. Welcome to Myanmar! Myanmar's beauties range from the temple-laden Bagan Plain to the glacial water of Inle Lake.

Soar over Bagan, unwind on a secluded sandy beaches or get your walking shoes out in Putao - discover the countless outdoor pursuits in Myanmar. Hints to find the best ways to Myanmar. MyMyanmar is our travelling blogs. Keep up to date with the latest news, event news, trend news, travel advice and stunning pictures from our state.

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Enjoy your stay in the old tea houses, small towns and small towns and get to know some of the most lovable folk in the whole wide range. During March, the temperature can jump from peaks of around 28 degrees Celsius in the centre of Burma to over 40 degrees Celsius, with paralyzing damp. Attempt to plan a full moon holiday, as this is a favorite season for processions and celebrations in convents.

Tips and driver at the end of the trip. MYANEMAR ( "Lonely Planet"), released in July 2014, is still the best practice guideline. Myanmar:

Burma Essentials: How to plan your Burma journey

While Myanmar (also known as Burma) is opening up to the outside crowd, more and more travelers are vying to this intriguing state. As Myanmar is rapidly changing after the historical 2015 election, it can be hard to find the latest information about what to look for during your stay. People from 100 different nations can request an e-visa for tourism through the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar (

Myanmar can only be entered with an e-visa at Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw airport and at the three Thai-Myanmar borders at Tachileik, Myawaddy and Kawthoung. Visit the website of your host family to find out about the current status of your trip. Myanmar's tourism facilities have been pushed to their limits by the huge rise in visitor numbers since the lifting of the penalties in 2012.

There' s a lack of rooms in important cities like Yangon and Bagan, although many new ones are being made. Yangon lodging is filled up to one months in advanced, especially if it is a place mentioned in a travel guide. For a small charge, abbeys in some countryside areas accept travelers if no rooms are available.

Burma is no longer the low-cost travel haven it once was, so make sure you adapt your budgets accordingly. For a shabby, straightforward room in touristic hot spots like Bagan, you can afford $35-$40. In recent years, there have been the emergence of ATM' with global ATMs throughout Myanmar, eliminating the need for travelers to bring around several hundred or thousand US dollar in currency.

They can also find ATM machines in relatively isolated areas such as Hsipaw and Mrauk U. KBZ and CB Bank have the most secure ATM machines - they accepts both Visa and Mastercard and charges a rate of 5000k yat (about 4 US$) per operation. It is also possible to obtain cross-border money transfer via Western Union.

Burma is trying to motivate both natives and tourists to use the indigenous money - Kyoto - instead of the US dollar, which was the favoured until 2012. Also in Yangon and Mandalay it is simple to switch to the Thai Bahe. A number of Yangon and Mandalay agencies also take them on airfare.

Buying a Yangon and Mandalay phone cards to make phone and web phone contacts is simple and inexpensive. Myanmar is relatively secure in places accessible to non-nationals, with very little criminality. Females should not be harassed or treated in any other way. The majority of policy advisors have warned against travelling to parts of the state of Rakhine (Rakhaing) in the west of Myanmar, where conflicts between municipal agencies and the Muslim Rohingya have resulted in massive displacements of the population.

Several other parts of the land are still shut down for aliens due to the conflicts between the regime and various ethnical forces in the east and north of Myanmar. Most of these areas are located in the states of Kachin and Shan, near the borders with China and Thailand and far from the main travel destination.

Before traveling, review your government's guidance and ask about the current state of affairs when in Myanmar. If you are not flying, every journey in Myanmar will take a while ( "it is a nine-hour coach ride from Yangon to Mandalay, for example). Cruises are also an optional feature on some itineraries; the Mandalay Bagan experience is very much appreciated by people.

The Yangon International Airport is the most important international airport for internal travel and there are a number of connections between the most important centers of the state. Some of the regional carriers are Air Bagan ( and Myanmar National Airlines at Please be aware that it is less expensive and simpler to fly through an agency when you are in Myanmar.

While there are no major global auto rentals, most Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan tourist agents - as well as pensions and hostels elsewhere - can provide vehicles and driver services. Burma has emerged from decade-long isolations and is therefore more more conservative than its neighbours.

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