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The Myanmar Country Guide is a must. Myanmar Travel & Tours offered excellent service. I' ve spent eleven days in Myanmar, and today I wanted to share how much it costs to travel the country! Myanmar is a reliable travel agency and tour operator for individual and tailor-made travel plans. We are in business to make your travel arrangements effortlessly.

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Myanmar Burma guides & tips for your next trip

Myanmar is still very far advanced in terms of tourist activities. Substantial parts of the land are closed to occasional travelers for safety purposes or are very difficult to reach due to poor traffic and traffic infrastructures. Dispatched every Monday, our newsletters are full of tips, updates and promotions.

Burma, the biggest of the Southeast Asian continent, extends more than 2,100 kilometers from the far northern part of the land - a hot spot that extends into the Himalayan spurs between Yunnan and Assam - to the far southernmost point, where the thin coastline along the Malay Peninsula ends in the midst of a jumble of tropic isles.

The Burma Tour Guides are here to help you get the most out of each of your travels to Burma, starting with the following guides for first-time travelers. These are the big issues every first-time traveler has: For those just interested in seeing what are generally regarded as Burma's top attractions, a brief visit to the four major centers in just two week is a good idea.

Bagan's tiled towers, golden and whitewas and stupas, which rise out of a sun-tanned, ocher coloured countryside during the arid period, or the ocean of verdant scrub during the monsun, are not only one of Burma's most impressive and remarkable landmarks, but also one of the most remarkable and unforgettable in Southeast Asia. lnle lake: Lake Inle is a quiet and beautiful lake nestling between the jagged hills of south-western Shan state, littered with quaint stilted towns and swimming pools.

Yangon: Burma's trading capitol, Yangon, is a convincing blend of gold palagodas, colorful architectural styles, rashly built scaffolds and historic highways. andalay: The atmospheric name of Burma's present-day northerly capitol is rolling satisfactorily from the snout. Situated on the foggy mountain peaks of Burma's Shan state, Kalaw was once a favorite of Britain's colonialist movement, as the fracturing architectural style shows.

It' also an ideal base for a hike through Burma's most scenic area. Like Kalaw further southwards on the Shan Plateau, Hsipaw is an evolving hiking center, with travelers hiking in the area. A few smaller sights are the temple and stupa in the southern part of the city and the Shan Palace, which is worth a visit inHsipaw.

Kengtung, the biggest city in the east of Shan State, is a former UK administration post and was once known as the Golden Triangle city. Nowadays it is one of the more isolated parts of Burma that visitors are allowed to see. To introduce Burma, the small village of Kawthaung is attractive, with wide alleys and old buildings that drip down to the bustling square and boardwalk.

Monywa has some amazing sights for a place in the center of the world: the second highest Buddha in the whole wide globe, a convent with more than half a million Buddha pictures and some of the most extraordinary monasteries we have seen in Burma. Kayah state capitol Loikaw is one of the least frequented but more scenic places we have found in Burma.

Dawei: With a beautiful, largely unspoilt coast, a jungles and a variety of isles, Burma's Dawei area has more tourist attractions than anywhere else on the coast. When the traveling cliché fits'hidden' somewhere, then it is probably Ye. Kalaw to Inle Lake Trek: Cave Temple Po Win Taung and Shwe Ba Taung:

Burma's huge cavern sanctuary at Po Win Daung and the breathtaking Shwe Ba Taung, which some have called Petra Burma, are two of Burma's most underestimated places. This large, relatively shallow islet, which you can see directly opposite and westward of the city, is scenic and intriguing. Forth of Mandalay's nearby old capital cities, Mingun has some great sanctuaries, plus a splendid Ayeyarwaddy cruise to them.

Cirle Train: What is the best and least expensive way to see Yangon (Rangoon)? You can take the Yangon District Training for half a full working days, up-close and first hand. Explore the swimming pools and fishermen towns of Lake Inle: Every trip to Lake Inle includes a stop in some of the many and still largely pristine seaside towns with their unique swimming complex.

Bagan's most breathtaking characteristics are the overall view and not just any particular temple. One of Burma's most famous landmarks is its historic building, the Tag U Bein Bridge, which stretches across the picturesque Taungthaman Lake. Myanmar has a very humid and a very warm rainy time. Sadly, this is also the busyest time in Burma, from November to March, and especially resort prices can rise by one to three percentage points.

We recommend the rainy period before the hottest period of the year, as it can form bubbles. If you are a first-time traveller who only wants to see the real attractions, it is possible to visit all four main centers (Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake) 10 to 2 working nights in only one to 10 working nights with a sensible use of internal-flight.

When you do not intend to fly inland, we recommend that you limit yourself to a part of the land (north or south). It takes fourweek to see both the northern and southern regions at any true deep. The Burmese immigration regulations are well worth your while if you are planing a longer trip.

Housing in Burma can be a low-cost option, with even inexpensive excavations that often cost two to three time what you would be paying for similar accommodations in Thailand - with a standard that is unfortunately about half as high as you would think. Everything under $20 per person per day is very affordable for Burma, and flash packers can be confident they can spend $40 per person per day.

There is no lack of costly hostels in Burma, but they are often of questionable value, with Bagan heading the herd in moderately costly hostels. Apart from accomodation, your travel budgets are very much dependent on your type of travel. When you make yourself at home to eat on the streets, don't drink too much booze, travel with inexpensive means of transportation, and stay away from highly tourist (and therefore more expensive) places, you can still live on about $10 to $15 a days after you arrive.

Burma is a fairly secure place for the ordinary traveler. Foreign nationals were not targetted at any time, but stick to the major traffic routes in the far northern regions, both in the Shan and Kachin states. Appropriate travelling insurances are indispensable. If you wouldn't do it in your home state because it's silly, why Burma? with 12Go Asia.

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