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Journey to Myanmar (Burma) and discover mythical landscapes and amazing hospitality. We are Myanmar's leading tour operator, specialising in tailor-made tours, and we can tailor our Myanmar tour packages to suit your unique travel style. MIRRA TRAVELS is a sustainable and responsible tour operator in Myanmar (Burma). Burma is simply incredible. Myanmar is fascinating for visitors, from golden stupas to unexplored jungles and famous friendly culture.

Burma (Myanmar) Travel

Surprisingly, more than a hundred years later, Myanmar has the capacity to astonish and please even the most tired people. All these are important Buddhaistic sites in a land where devout friars are more worshipped than skirtsters. By 2015, Myanmar was the first democratic election of its administration in more than half a centurys history.

Today, travel comfort, such as cell phones and broadband connections, is commonplace. However, most of the changes in Myanmar's economy and society are limited to the large communities, and large parts of the nation are still taboo due to continuing ethnical conflicts. New Myanmar is in full swing.

It can sometimes be like stumbling into a lively issue of National Geographic, around 1910, in a multiethnic-country. With all the recent changes, Myanmar continues to be a country-flavoured nation with tradition. Fortunately, the rate of transition is not staggering and leaves the basic joys of traveling in Myanmar untouched.

Hike through pinewoods to the Shan Hills' sprinkled ethnic communities without messing with many people. The best part is that you meet people who are soft, fun, committed, thoughtful, curious and enthusiastic - they want to be part of the global community and know what they are doing with their people.

An all-inclusive guide to Myanmar

Burma is currently on its way to Southeast Asia, but as a recently opened destination for tourists, traveling here poses many unique opportunities not necessarily to the same extent as in other parts of the area. Infrastructures are just beginning to live and the arts of travel are still in the making, but every second of long travel time, the amount of power consumed in everyday frustration and the perseverance and gestures needed to overcome the linguistic barriers are invaluable for the worthwhile experiences you can make in this lovely and still very unspoilt area.

Prepare for the other way of traveling you will find in Myanmar and don't believe the panic about the ludicrous costs and huge problems that keep many peoples from traveling here. It is nice not to know what will be happening and to understand that both you as a traveler and the locals are contributing to a new beginning (tourism is not destroying the land, which is a topical concern).

As the overwhelming bulk of the population flies from Bangkok to Myanmar, this seems to be a favourite place to get their check. When you have all your cash in Thai Burt deduct, as using your ticket means having to pay a 2nd 5% commission/charge on top, as opposed to the 150 Bent (about 3) ATM default redemption charge.

If you arrive at your accommodation, guest house, at your home or at a foreign country house, at a foreign country house, you can change your dollar to Myanmar Kyat - the latter is not always as cheap as the others. Myanmar now has a spur-of-the-moment spread of ATMs.

In Yangon (the most popular place of the Yangon and Mandalay centers, as well as in Nyaung U in Bagan. Usually US Dollar is used to pay for your accomodation and some means of transportation, such as domestic air travel.

The rest of meals, picnics, tuk touks and guide services are provided in the city. But if you have too few bucks, most natives will be glad to exclude Kyoto instead, but you will pay more - while the currency quote is about 870-900 kyats to the greenback, many will just round your greenback up to 1,000 kyats.

So, if your room for the evening is $25, they will usually ask for 25,000 kyats instead of working at an Official Excheche. It is only costly if you decide to travel like this, remain in the best places and dine in high-priced restaurants. If you are conscious of your own funds and how much you invest, it will make sure that you pay the same amount as in any other part of Southeast Asia.

This in turn makes it difficult to ensure restricted accommodations and means trying to make reservations in advance or pay for the more costly one. So I decided to travel in May before the June months would come and there really were a small number of visitors, which meant I could go to the guest house and get a room without any hassles.

Its only drawback at this season is that it's unbelievably warm and I mean disgusting, sudorific. Virtually every traveler wears a Myanmar Lonely Planet, and whether you are a big supporter or not, this is the only times I have fully trusted him as my source and not my point of point of refer.

But with the steady rise in tourist activity used by domestic companies, the price has increased compared to the pressure. Research has been carried out on all types of lodging and catering to give travelers a complete listing of places not in state ownership (see point 4). For the more distant areas where I was travelling and which were not performed anywhere, I trusted the expertise of the natives or the tuk-tuk rider, who eventually took us to the only place in the city that had a "foreigner's license".

Where possible, try to team up with another traveler to save money - many guest houses have twin rooms, triple rooms and shared rooms. Are you a luxurious traveler who wants to spend the night and eat at the upper end of the world, then you will not travel here in a responsible way.

Every man for himself, but if you travel here in an irresponsible way, you probably shouldn't come. It is important in these times of great changes and with more private commercial opportunities that we should be supporting them instead of filling the bags of the corrupting and control system.

Whilst your guest house will not always be the most clean or convenient or your meal the most delicious, keep in mind that on-site assistance is the best you can give in this thrilling phase of Myanmar's history. It will be for many to adopt a new way of traveling.

On the other hand, I buy articles from supermarkets and hawkers. I not only had the feeling of giving something to those who had earned it the most, but it was also the perfect chance to get to know the locals, which in itself is one of the best souvenirs of touring.

As a rule, the far northerly hilly area, the west Chin state and the expanses of the Mon state and Tenasserim regions are taboo for visitors unless you have requested a prior administrative visas. But me and a few other travelers made it all the way to Dawei and Myeik in the extreme southwest without permission, as we were told in Mawlamyine that it had already been open for a few month.

The long and tedious journey from place to place took long but it was a real adventurous experience to meet an area that was unspoiled and had hardly seen any tourist. Most of the time, the limitations relate to the question of tourist security that the local people have said is an absolutely problem (for example, there is little cover for the boats), although our feeling was that we were also being observed a little.

Busses are everywhere and will be the most important means of transportation to take you to almost every part of the land (where visitors are allowed). If you are at a good address, your guest house can help you make an appointment (with a reputable company) or tell you when to show up at the train terminal to buy your tickets.

Nocturnal busses (which take you to your destinations around 3 or 4 am) are not sleeping busses and some still playing their funk Myanmar CD's and kitschy video clips until the early mornings. Do not ask a chauffeur for the estimated times of your journey. Southeast Asia takes barter trade for granted; a sport that is often awaited and enjoy.

It is almost unknown in Myanmar. Except the cost is ludicrous, take it for what it is - you help a native after all. Prepare for most natives giggling in answer - they don't mock you, they just don't expect it. Myanmar either has no access to the web or a symbol that says "wifi" or "internet café" is as if you stumble on the golden pots at the end of the arch and find them empty.

Embarrassed as it was, it did the ploy and made the natives giggle. The name " Aung San Suu Kyi " goes past the mouth of a native before he is known and in outcry. In private, a point-of-care professional has said it's okay to disagree with a particular situa-tion or individual if you can confirm your testimony.

I' m not sure how real that is, or she' s just a little Reb! I have been given tales of Chinese and Indians who, although native to Myanmar, are not able to come to the country where their grandfathers and great-grandfathers come from because the authorities have made it hard and costly to get a visas and passports.

The natives want to know what you think and how much you know and will show "The Woman" and her dad on billboards, books and papers. Myanmar is waiting anxiously for major changes; tell them what you and your nation think. They are the most real, kind, warmhearted and amazing persons I have ever known.

It is not a snide tone that is targeting you*, but the way Myanmar is attracting people. Most natives gnaw on leafs containing a blend of tabacco and walnut that stain their mouths and teeths reddish. Throughout the one months trip is not possible for everyone if you do the best of your 28-day visas.

It is not a land you can see in a few day or a whole weeks, like the most important attractions in more accessible Cambodia and Vietnam. It is a vast land and the travelling seasons are long and it will take time to really get to know things and to understand the peoples, the cultures and the world.

Yes, the tiredness in Southeast Asia is back. There is a sanctuary in Myanmar on every turn, or more precisely here, a gold stupa/pagoda/tip. When you limit your rambling (locals are inclined to show the rambling in their cities as they show you around), don't miss the breathtaking Shwedagon rambling in Yangon and the amazing Bagan sanctuaries, which are truly one of a kind.

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