Myanmar Travel Tour Package

Burma Travel Package

Sail aboard a Myanmar River Cruise or enjoy a boat trip through the relaxed Inle Lake. The majority of those who visit Myanmar today agree that the feeling of another worldliness remains with them long after their journey. Tailor-made tour packages are specially designed for inbound and outbound tours in the Asia-Pacific region. Myanmar offers a wide range of Myanmar holiday packages. Would you like to visit all the highlights of Myanmar?

Myanmar & Thailand Luxury Tour & Travel Package

If you are looking for a vacation that offers everything - impressive sights, breathtaking scenery, breathtaking nature, amazing fauna and a little R&R on the shore, this memorable adventures with the sights of Myanmar and Thailand is a must. There is nowhere in the world more magical and mysterious than in Myanmar.

Myanmar is still one of the most unexplored travel destination in the whole wide globe. It is a country of breath-taking natural beauties, deeply entrenched intellectuality and the hottest, cleanest and most friendly human being, rewarding the visitors with a live full of memory and life-changing prospects. On a stylish journey we begin our journey in the former Burmese capital Yangon with its unmistakable colorful country houses, dazzling palagodas and open market, where ancient tradition and contemporary living live in total harmony. Here we start our journey.

Then take a trip back in history to Bagan, the home of Burma's civilisation, worshipped for its stunning diversity of over 3,000 antique couples, shrines and castles that stand for ages of history, civilisation and religious life. Here you can discover these astonishing ruined churches, walk through country towns and even exchange ideas with the locals.

Get ready for a unique trip to Inle Lake in Myanmar. Enjoy the natural and cultured beauties of Inle by boating this vast lake, catch a glimpse of primal wilderness towns on stilt bars, the lazy Intha fisher with his masterly oar techniques looking for small fishing, and the breathtaking scenery at every turn with forested craft and uncommon bird life that fascinates the amateur and the most experienced photographers as well.

Afterwards you will head back to "modern" Myanmar and land in Mandalay, a town that is more noble and self-confident than any other Myanmar town and a religious center with many ancient wood abbeys and singular couples dating back to the time of Myanmar's last king. Beginning with the Thai capitol Bangkok, we stay two-night in this bustling megacity, which offers an infinite selection of restaurants, fun and vibrant nightspots, and where the whole wide globe is within reach.

Continue northwards to the deeply ingrained cultural town Chiang Mai, which receives you with its luxuriant landscape, its kind humans and its cosy atmoshere. Try the region's famous cuisine, bargain at the busy night bazaar or Sunday market and set off on a wild life adventurous journey to explore the jungles on the back of an animal.

With a breathtaking sea landscape of karstic spires and palm-fringed shores, this picturesque coastal city offers the ideal opportunity to spend a truly unforgettable vacation. the tour includes: USADeparture USA to Yangon via Cathay Pacific Airways, connection in Hong Kong. Upon your Arrive in Yangon you will be picked up and taken to your accommodation.

If the Trans-Pacific tour is Friday-Sunday, please note $50 per head and group. is NOT part of the bundle.

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