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This will increase the number of new tourism companies," said U Aung Cho Win, director of Marcopolo Travels & Tours, Myanmar Times. We have discovered a beautiful country full of excellent sights thanks to your travel agency. Travel & Trip Mood Myanmar, Yangon.

Burma Tour Operator

Q: - Are you a licensed travel agency / Myanmar tour operator? Q: - How long have you worked in the tourist industry? A: - We have been in the tourist industry in Myanmar since 2002. I' m a Myanmar and my name is Win Bo Bo Bo. But with my customers I am writing under mypanish name' Victor' like'Win is a Winner' and have been working as an english speaking tour leader since 2004.

Q - How do I get a Myanmar visas? Reply - We do it for you. Q - What is a pre-built tour? A - The itineraries or travel packs we provide on this website as'Ayuda Tours' or'Myanmar Culture Tours'. Q - What is a tailor-made tour?

A - We create the tailor-made tour programmes according to your wishes. Q - What do you mean by individual services? A - The tailor-made services include e-mail communication with our Myanmar Travel Ltd travel staff who will take good charge of you personally. Q - What kind of food will I have during my journey?

A. - Usually our rates are per night and per family. A lot of establishments offer breakfastbuffet (including eggs) and budgetary establishments serving mainland breakfasts; teas or coffees, toasts, butters, jams, juices or fruit and sometimes even egg. IMPORTANT: Sometimes inns and budgeted accommodation will make your breakfasts 2 hrs before your breakfasts!

Simply ask your tour leader! Q - Will I be collected at the Aiport? Reply - Yes! You will find a list of all our tours! Q - How can I recognise the tour leader? A - Our tour leader holds a sign with our name.

Q - What is a guideline "through and through" and a guideline "station"? A - A tour leader will accompany you throughout the tour. There is a train stop leader in each town. Q - What are your terms of cancelation? Reply - Cancelation charges apply if you cancel after confirming your reservation.

Q - Can I modify the tourdate? A - Yes, you can modify the tour date 60 nights ago. Changes to the travel date within 60 working nights are considered as cancellations and corresponding cancelation charges are made. Q - How can I pay for a cancelation?

A - Please request travel health insurances in your own countries. Q - Can we order an additional cot in the room? Reply - Yes, you can. Q - What about children's policies? A - Just ask, we have a children's politics. Q - What is the best timeframe for a reservation?

Reply - 30 workdays before your journey. However, if you are travelling in high seasons, it is better to book your accomodation sooner than at this time - for high seasons, a minimum of 2 month is recommended to confirm all your hotel and internal flight reservations. Q - How do Myanmar's major payment systems work?

A. Due to EU and US government business sanctioning, all AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS, VISA, MASTER and US bank accounts are not acceptable for financial transfers to and from Myanmar. Hopefully this will soon be the case. $100 notes with CD numbers are not welcome in Myanmar.

Q - How about a GSM or cellular link in Myanmar? A - Myanmar GSM or wireless communications supporting networks for on-premises only and no networking activity for worldwide telephone use. If you need to take your cell phones with you to Myanmar and call outside of Myanmar, you can buy a unique GSM card at the closest cell phones store, please ask your travel guides!

Q - Can I communicate abroad during my journey? A - You can have an internatinal telephone, facsimile, e-mail and web link from Myanmar. In Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay as well as in Shan State the web is available. Usually we give you telephone numbers for your hotel and our Yangon offices have 24 hours standby service for all inbound communications to our customers during their travel.

Q - How can I use the Myanmar web? A - You can get online in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake, but you should be able to get it to work slowly! Q - Is an ambulance available? SOS International has been operating in Myanmar since 1987 and opened its first hospital and alarm centre in Yangon in August 1995.

SOS Myanmar offers comprehensive health and emergencies care to SOS members and Myanmar residents, supported by a highly qualified staff of expatriates and local doctors. issue: This is the well-known question: "Tips? A: - We let our customers choose what is right. Usually US$ 5 per days for a rider and US$ 10 per days for a tour guides - that totally depend on your level of customer care!

Q - What is the state of malaria? A - Malaria has been eradicated in Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lakes for several years. Q - What are useful presents for locals? A - In secluded areas it would be better to provide things like novels, crayons, markers for schoolchildren and some basic T-shirts for all age groups, medicines like acetaminophen and so on.

Q - Why should I take off my boots and sneakers? A - We cultivate and value a sense of responsibility when travelling! Q - What about potable and potable mineral waters? A - There are many brands of bottle waters that are cleaned by a high value system. Q - Is there already a night life in Myanmar?

A - Most stands and stores open at 9 pm and restaurant closes at 10 pm in Yangon and Mandalay (except in the hotel and L'Opera and Le Planteur in Yangon). There are a few discotheques in some Yangon resorts. Q - Can I buy advanced movies and battery in Myanmar?

A. There are latest models of movies, battery, cameras and other electric devices available in Yangon and Mandalay. Q - Is it secure to run at nocturne? A - It is supersafe to run at nights in Yangon, Mandalay and Inle Lake. But in Bagan, because of the scorching temperatures, at nights, be wary of queues on a stroll, always bringing a candlelight with you!

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