Myanmar Travel Tips

Burma Travel Tips

However, if you prefer, you can still visit an embassy in Myanmar and apply for your visa in person. The best activities in Myanmar. Plan your trip to Myanmar with our handy travel tips that cover everything from health, currency and shopping to WiFi. Please read our Burma (Myanmar) travel tips and advice compiled by our specialists to help you plan your trip. Are you planning a trip to Myanmar?

Tips for first-time visitors to Myanmar

Do you plan to come to Myanmar during the tourist seasons? Booking a mooring at Ngapali Strand - you have to do it in advanced, but it's definitely worthwhile. "It' s the most pretty beach,[with] crystalline waters, clear sands, [and] palms blowing on its sides," Edwin states. "It' s what makes it stand out, the shortage of things like 7 events, Karaoke clubs, gift stores, etc.," says Edwin.

"All Ngapali has are low level establishments right on the shore. It' about the sand and the countryside, great folks, good meals, without all the touristy circuses you have on other beaches!" Ngapali Beach's top class properties and resort facilities are mainly three to five star designer boutiques.

"It' certainly not a hippy place, it's more high-end," Edwin says, "but it's about the boom for the money....MORE that Ngapali Beaches in Peak provides. For example, a side-by-side with Phuket in Thailand clarifies his point of view. "When you' re looking for a beachfront resort - which I always think is perfect when you're just out to the ocean - there aren't many places on Phuket where you have a beachfront hotel," Edwin states.

"Ngapali Beach's Butique Resort rates are comparable to those on Phuket, but Myanmar has a good price-performance ratio." Anticipate a lot of room rivalry - "it is hard to find a room in high seasons - March, April May is perfect for trips to the beach," Edwin states. "but in Phuket or Luang Prabang that's not only Myanmar typical!"

Burma travel guide - travel information & destinations

Myanmar, long locked for the public, has opened its gates to a pagoda and fascinating human life and an old-fashioned, untouched tourist population. Explore towns full of cultural and historical treasures, gold palaces with valuable gems and old Bagan to explore over 2200 temple sites constructed over 1000 years ago.

Myanmar's former capitol unveils an old legacy of regal buildings, flourishing shrines and an old-time charms that has lasted into the present day. Discover the Kandawgyi Gardens, take a horse-drawn cart ride through the colorful neighborhood, see the holy Anisakan Falls and stop at the almanac. The Bagan is the archeological gem of Myanmar with the remains of over 2200 antique shrines constructed more than 1000 years ago.

Myanmar's Kalaw is a trek turntable! It is a chilly Colonies village and the starting point for treks in the Shan Highlands. Shan State's Inle Sea is one of the most beautiful travel spots in Southeast Asia, as the Intha' lives revolve around the area. A busy, lively metropolis with a fascinating blend of UK settlement past, sparkling Burma churches and neighboring Indian cuisine.

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