Myanmar Travel Tips

Burma Travel Tips

It will prepare you and let you know what to expect before and during your holiday in Myanmar. Most tourist destinations in Myanmar serve Chinese, Indian and traditional food. All you need to know before you travel to Myanmar. These are some travel tips for Myanmar that you should consider when travelling to Myanmar. Through marketing ICP Travel Blog, travel tips.

Burma Travel Tips & Advice

Myanmar, as we have been active in Burma since our founding in 1995. Myanmar is a treacherously large nation and few good road conditions make it the fastest way to travel long distance. Can it be considered secure and ethically sound to go to Burma?

We have a number of thoughts that we consider important when you consider to visit Burma in the face of the Rohingya crises and other civilian disturbances that have been mentioned. These areas are far from the tourist areas and we believe that a visit to Burma is the right thing to do from an ethical point of view.

In our paper Is it secure and ethically justifiable to go to Burma? Myanmar is the country's main foreign tongue, and there are over 100 different tongues and idioms in use. The English is used in commercial environments.

Burma's native money is Kyoto, and outside Yangon and the big banks this is the prefered one. The US dollar is also widely used. Exchanges vary widely from place to place. It has an unofficial US$1 - 6k, but you'll never find it.

It' much more likely to be between 700k to 950k to the buck, depending on where you are. It is a very liquid commodity, so it is better to hold the cash in US dinars and convert it to Kyoto if necessary. Don't switch cash at the airfield because the foreign rates are so high.

We do not generally accept payment by bank card. Also, there are no ATMs in Burma. Euro are internationally acceptable in some of the larger properties. Traveller's checks are also not generally acceptable, so it is best to take all the currency you need in US dollar.

Burmese are highly religious in their clothing and behavior, and you should be particularly careful to respect their Buddhist tradition wherever you go, but especially in sanctuaries and convents. It' a customary politeness in Burma to use both your hand when you give something to someone else.

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