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You' re thinking about a quick stopover from Singapore or Malaysia but are not sure where to go? When you are looking for the following "ingredients" for a great journey, look no further than mystic Myanmar! In comparison to its Indian-Chinese neighbors with their more famous places of interest and cultural events such as Thailand (shopping at Chatuchak Market), Cambodia (World Cultural Patrimony Angkor Wat), Myanmar is quite remote, especially for independents travelers.

Myanmar is one of the most enigmatic and unexplored travel destination in the whole wide underworld. That is good tidings if you want to go to Myanmar - you could largely eliminate the common traps associated with renowned touristic attractions, such as cumbersome tugs, costly but distasteful tourism meals.

You can instead devote more of your free day to immerse yourself in the wealth y and excitement of places such as the wonderful Yangon Lagoons, interact ing with the natives and getting to know their people. Allow me to explain why you should consider Myanmar as your next stop for a brief holiday in the area.

Burma extends from the glittering Andaman Sea isles in the southern Andaman Sea to the Himalayas in the east. An example of this is the beautiful 2000 year old Swedish Dragon Necklace (also known as the Golden Pagoda), which rules the Yangon skin. This is the holiest Buddhist Burmese pilgrimage containing relicts of the last 4 Buddhas - even if you are not a Buddhist, a visit to this place will give you an insight into the traditions of the locals.

Personal the regional kitchen is always an important part of my travel experiences and the high standards of Burma's kitchen are not disappointing. Situated between China and India, it is not astonishing that the influence of these lands can be felt in Burma's cooking. Typical Myanmar meals such as mohinga (rice noodles with a sauce of fish) and the crunchy spice balachaung (fried prawns with chili and tamarind) are best served with a drink of Myanmar beers at the end of a worthwhile day's travel.

There' s no better way to find out where to get the best mohinga pasta from than a native Burmese. You' re obliged to try so much more about the land (or in fact - the best bargain in town) by interaction with kind locals who knows, maybe you are welcome to try the ever-present cosmetics on your face.

If you are a buddhistic land, you may also have the chance to interfere with little friars and nuns in town during their periodic festivals - just think of your own custom, e.g. never touching a friar (or someone) on your mind - it is very unrespectful. Burma is known for its Big Four attractions:

Yangon, home of the popular Buddhaist symbol, the Shwedagon Pagoda; Bagan, an old imperial town surrounded by a wide plains of pagoda and temple; After talking about what to do in Yangon, we should start the trip from Yangon, especially in the other Big Four Sightseeings. You can consider one of these alternatives according to your timetable and your budgets - although you should be ready for long trips of up to 12 hrs for coach and rail travel.

Travelling by rail is a way to really get immersed in the country's cultural life, as it is the most frequent means of transportation among the natives and this railway also travels through Myanmar's wonderful landscapes and mount. Whether it's the sundown overlooking the thousand of Bagan plain peaks or the exploration of Mandalay's historical peak temples, there's always a lot to do during these trips from Yangon.

Myanmar's shores are still largely unexplored, but there are some outstanding features. Ngapali's pristine unspoiled golden sand is located on the west shore and can be easily accessed by a brief plane from Yangon, Bagan or Inle Lake. They can sunbath, bike or walk on this lovely shore, free of tumultuous seaside pubs, masses of people and traders - just you, the tan and the lovely water (and along some routes, some fishermen dry their catches, but it should not disturb you :-)).

Whether you are travelling down the powerful Irawaddy River in a stylish way, floating in a warm aeroplane over the antique town of Bagan or looking for this intangible animal on the back of an Elephant, there is always a sense of adventurers.

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