Myanmar Travel Season

Burma travel time

At the end of the season, Leeds United will travel to Myanmar. There are three seasons in Myanmar. It is one of the biggest misconceptions about Myanmar's rainy season that it is impossible to travel. Does the trip take place in the high season? The monsoon season in Myanmar is just around the corner and that makes many locals and travellers think about what they should do to escape the rain?

Myanmar during the'green season' for 15 good causes

It is no mystery that most travelers to Myanmar take place between October and March (January and February being the most common months). That ensures optimal climatic conditons, especially in clear sky, arid weathers and low air moisture. These are 15 good reason (in no particular order!) to come to our Golden Land out of year.

The botanical gardens of Pyin Oo Lwin look particularly impressive. Maybe we should work on an adaption of Frances Hodgson Burnett's'The Secret Garden'? 2) The flowers of the tree look really beautiful at this age.

In a few short months, the flaming bushes below will brighten the streets of Pyin Oo Lwin in a beautiful fire-white. Sadly, the photo below does not do the picture justice, by the way, the sight of the Dat Taw Gyaint Falls from the recently opened The View Restaurants (between Mandalay and Pyin oo Lwin) was stunning.

Now, if you visit during this period you will in most cases get this type of care. This is not the case during the "green season". The majority of the persons we met were very happy to have us in their company, and they took a lot of patience to show and show off their specialized skills.

For example, this woman from Yandabo - a small town renowned for its tradition of pottering - when we walked, she came near the shape of a ten-cot. Because of the large number of visitors travelling during the high seasons, some local people will unavoidably be "freaked out".

Throughout this season and as long as you ask for your consent, most Myanmar residents will be pleased to be in front of your cameras posing with confidence for a snap. 6 ) In Bagan and Mandalay the climatic condition is often warm and very arid. This photo below, of a woman sifting through seed of lemon was taken near Bagan on the east shore of the Irrawaddy.

7) Because of the intensive, arid temperature it is no wonder that at the end of a tough working day buffalo like to swim in the Irrawaddy. 9 ) It is difficult to describe how it is to experience a sundown from the top of a Bagan marina (without other tourists).

10 ) In this season, farming activities are increasing noticeably as many peasants plow their land or make their patios ready before the sky really opens. Below is a picture taken on the hike to Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp. Visiting the Green Hill Valley Elephant Camp this season guarantees this, as very few visitors arrive here and the animals like to feed.

It was also possible to go riding on the elephant's back, which Green Hill Valley only allows for small groups. 13 ) The terrace landscape in Khiangtong begins to fill with rain during this period, which provides some great landscape sights. 14 ) Inle Lake looks amazing this season and the ever-changing climate pampers your eye with breathtaking nature.

Though the photo below does not do this, this look from Novotel Inle felt as if we were looking at a living watercolour.

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