Myanmar Travel Season

Burma travel time

It is the peak travel season. When you plan to visit several regions, the constancy of the dry season will make travelling easier for you. Weather, climate and geography in Myanmar. The Myanmar Travel High Season did not start until the beginning of October. The majority of tour operators advise against travelling to Myanmar during this time.

Myanmar in the rain season for 2 wks

A lot of the world avoids Myanmar when travelling in Southeast Asia. Burma is as intriguing as its beloved neighbours such as Thailand or India. If you are asking yourself how you can stay 2 week in Myanmar, we have a beautiful route for you. First of all we ask you for a second of your time: click here and like our Facebook page!

Visiting when? During the wet season we went to Myanmar, but this is not really the case. For most of the day it was very warm and sunshiny with sometimes drizzly down. Therefore, the decision when to come and see us is quite simple. Come and see us whenever it is convenient for you and don't overreact.

We do not suggest the only area in the wet season is the coastline. And Mandalay and Yangon. They can also go beyond your own boundaries, but be warned that not all of Myanmar is open to aliens. Before you travel to Myanmar, you can apply for an on-line application for an eVisa. Throughout the 2 week period in Myanmar we were asked several occasions to present them.

We would not be too worried about Myanmar as far as vaccinations are concerned. No. In Myanmar for two weeks: We' re one of those travellers who prefers goodness rather than good volume. We' re adding some great places for those who are quick and want more! Mandalay is the ideal place to begin your 2 week stay in Myanmar for several reason.

Second is that it is filled with astonishing sanctuaries, shrines and convents. Some really beautiful places like the Eindawya Pagoda. Don't miss to see the Mahamuni Pagoda and the locals praying and to put a gold sheet on the Buddha image (sorry girls, only men can approach).

After lunch we drive to Mandalay Hill for sundown. Among them there are many churches to see, Kuthodaw Paya being one of the most impressing. On the second outing, if you are brave enough, you can hire a motorcycle to discover the area. When you have finished your tour, take the southern highway to Inwa village:

You' ll find unbelievable deserted churches all the while. At dawn or dusk, the best hour to see the longest timber footbridge in the whole wide open space is at noon. We stayed at the Nova in Mandalay, which was a great experience. It offers its clients beautiful relaxation opportunities, from kind and supportive personnel to generously and elegantly decorated rooms.

There are also various facilities such as laundries and bicycle hire. This is Myanmar's most visited destination: It took about 8 hrs to get from Mandalay to Bagan by coach, and another half an hr to get from the coach sta.

Bagan's archaeological zone is vast and there are many remote sanctuaries to visit. It' great to cycle around the temple, but as it gets very warm during the days, we are voting for e-bikes. Batteries last about 7 hrs and do not harm the enviroment. Some of the most imposing temples:

But you will come across many unfamiliar places where there will be no one. You will always find some local people who will advise you which places to go to in order to get a better look at the area or to observe the sundown. This may be outside the complex, but the service provided will offset the distances.

The rooms are beautiful and roomy and all have a private terrace where you can enjoy your stay. It is at the Myanmar Han where you can see how the standard of service in Myanmar is soaring. There' s no good motel without well-trained personnel, which Myamnar Han definitely doesn't do.

You can use either the bus or the environmentally safe e-bikes to get to the city or the sanctuaries. The glittering temple or the village fair can be visited. In Myanmar, if you only have 2 week, it is better to choose the 2-day opt. All your baggage can also be handed in at the travel agent and will be shipped to your lakeside resort.

They range from the product to schooling in Myanmar. On the next morning it goes on for a few moreh. They can ask the agent to arrange a personalised trip for you to prevent the tourists from falling. We' ll save you time: Devote the last part of your 2 week stay in Myanmar to one of the most important towns in the state.

The Yangon is larger than Mandalay and has no relaxed ambience. It' also a good idea to visit a nearby fair or a Chinatown caterer. It will take at least two of your free moments for the Shwedagon Pagoda. We would have spent a lot of days there if there weren't too many mosquitos around us.

In Myanmar, 2 days is not enough to see everything, considering that it takes about 8-9hrs. However, if you still get to see the above places in less amount of timeframe, there are a few more places you can include in your itinerary:

It' only 3hrs from Mandalay, so it might be a good place for a outing. If you plan to take the Yangon to Thailand coach, it might be a good option to do so. No matter what your route will be for 2 week in Myanmar, we are sure you will have a great stay.

Any other places to visit in the wet season?

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