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The Myanmar Travel Route article describes a route through this beautiful country. We offer flexible passports and tours off the beaten track in Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar. So, you have seen the map of Myanmar and looked at some of the destinations offered in our beautiful and historic country. A tour with a guide and driver is a great way to explore Myanmar's countryside and get a feel for the country beyond the big cities. Yangon's first and only direct flight to Phuket is operated by Myanmar National Airline (MNA), Myanmar's largest national airline.

Myanmar Itinerary - Sandy roads and mystical colours

Myanmar has come to us without great expectation. We' ve just seen some great photos of Bagan in a balloon. Now that we have been in Myanmar for 12 full day, we can say - Myanmar is so much more than that. Watch the sunrise on the mountain, try to talk to nice natives and chase the bagan ballons.

This following story goes beyond what we have seen and shows a great Myanmar itinerary. The majority of tourists come to the land in Yangon, the former capitol. We spent the first evening at the youth hotel, which provided a pick-up at $10 from the Aiport. As we drove through the chaos of Yangon, we felt that we were not really in the spirit of cityscape.

Next day we took an over to the Aung Minglar coach terminal and wait an hours (or so) until the coach to Hpa-An departed. Once the coach stops in a rustic area, one feels that Myanmar is not Thailand! Large parts of the lovely land are unexplored and restrooms (for example) have no westerly standard, but who would await that!

Since we were on the road with a low price, we decided on the coach, which is also recommendable for those who want to make some money savings. You can also travel to some of Myanmar's major airfields if you want to make the most of your brief stay in Myanmar. Hpa-An itself is not very nice, but there is something about it that we really liked.

It is recommended that you hire a roller (convenient if your lodging provides roller rental) to discover your new surroundings. On Zwegabin Mountain we experienced the first daylight that illuminated the scenic valleys and went to visit some of the most beautiful Buddhist churches around the city. Hpa An is not a touristic hot spot and most "famous" itineraries do not go by.

This is great on the one side, as you can discover Hpa-An without masses of tourists, the downside is that it is more difficult to get there and drive on to the next stop. On our Myanmar itinerary we suggest driving to Hpa-An to Inle Lake. There are now two ways to get from Hpa-An to Inle Lake.

First you can ask your lodging or your hotels if they can organize a coach (probably an inconvenient mini van) or you can take a small train back to Yangon and from here a bigger, more convenient coach to Inle Lake. There are also tour operators in the city that can be seen and compared.

At the other end, returning to Yangon can be tiring. Be careful if you choose to return to Yangon to take a second coach to Inle Lake! There will be a late arrival in Yangon, almost certainly. Once you reach Lake Inle, you will experience swimming towns and residents who spend their whole lives on the canal.

Here you can make reservations for boating trips and discover the unparalleled surroundings and get a picture of the world. When you arrive at your destination, you will often discover these specials or make an appointment in advanced for them. You can either ask your fisherman and arrange a fare for a cruise across the beautiful scenery of the river or go on organised itineraries.

This will depend on how you want to go and how much money and money you have. If you choose lodging at Inle lake, you have two choices. You can either spend the night in quite expensive lodgings around the lakeside or in the next city Nyaung Shwe, where the buses also arriv.

Besides the swimming hamlets of Lake Inle, there are also places to visit. Like everywhere in Myanmar you will find great places to eat at Lake Inle and in the city of Nyaung Shwe. When you leave Lake Inle by coach, you will arrive in Bagan after a few inches.

All about Bagan is something unique. In and around the city, the sand and dust of the streets, the landscape as you watch the sun rise and set, coloring the temple in a magic amber. You will spend three to four overnight stays in Bagan after two working day at Lake Inle, according to your interest in the temple.

This area is vast and takes a while to get your bearings and to discover the area. For the best on your travels, check out the Maps. me application! A must when visiting the temple of Bagan. Unlike Hpa-An, regular motorcycles are no longer permitted for visitors. It can be rented anywhere in the city or at the inn for about $3 a daily.

They' a great way to discover the temple in the mornings, take refuge in the mid-day sun and get something to eat after sundown. Most of the temple was shut down by the Chinese authorities in January 2018! There are many rumors, but no one knows exactly why the temple is closing.

In addition, the Chinese authorities could reopen certain monasteries. But again, no one knows for sure, so ask as soon as you arrive in Bagan. One might wonder where to get a great look at the balloon, where to spend the night and what to dine in Bagan. We' re working on a special item that summarizes everything you need to know during your trip to Bagan!

You should also consider a cruise to see everything from a different view. Myanmar considers the longest timber footbridge in the whole wide open space to be quite touristic and very beautiful. Trains pass the Goke Hteik Viaduct, a railroad buck in Nawnghkio, Shan State in Myanmar, 100 km north east of Mandalay.

First of all, Myanmar is a big state! Secondly, you will be travelling a great deal in Myanmar by coach, which is reasonably priced and good on the whole, especially JJ Express coaches. Don't waste too much of your days in Yangon. It is a beautiful one, because this unbelievable land has much more to do. The fifth tip is that you should be in Bagan for enough hours.

It is not only this, but also the exploration of the surroundings of Hpa-An is worth it. Like I said, this was a proposal for a journey to Myanmar. Like on any journey, it' t always come down to timing. Often we cannot devote enough of our own free moments to see everything we want to see in a new world.

The same applies to Myanmar in this case. Aka Kyaikto Pagoda, the Gold Rock is a famous place of Buddhism and is situated to the north-east of Yangon. When you have one more days, it is simple to stop by on the way from Yangon to Hpa-An. Unfortunately we didn't have enough free space, so we didn't want to see the imposing gold mausoleum.

We' ve been hearing great things about Ngapali and we would have come in our day if we hadn't had so much beaches and surf on our schedule in Indonesia where we were next. I hope that this contribution has helped us fall in touch with this land. It' has something of everything and it felt like a journey through the ages.

It was important for me to point out stations to which we did not manage to convey a comprehensive image of Myanmar. That was our Myanmar itinerary, if you have any question, please do not hesitate to write a coment. Myanmar calls and you want to see an often-lost Myanmar town?

To Hpa-An to ascend Zwegabin!

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