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Kyaykhteeyoe Pagoda can get new itinerary. Register with The Flyer: Weekly travel inspirations sent directly to you by e-mail. Road trip through Myanmar. Travel by car and train through the huge Myanmar, with the highlights and many small, interesting cities in between. Myanmar Budget and Myanmar Travel Tips.

Myanmar's popular itinerary for backpack tourists

Burma is the most rapidly expanding backpacker traveler in Southeast Asia since the opening of the state. It is still a tricky and disappointing place in comparison with its friendly neighbours in Southeast Asia. Its particular charme, however, can appeal to any traveller who comes there. So if you want to make your Myanmar journey on a reasonable price, you may wonder how you can make your Burma journey truly enjoyable and economic.

This is why we suggest a favourite route that has been selected by many backpacker tourists around the globe. Yangon should be the first stop on your Myanmar trip, as it is the biggest and most important business center in Myanmar. It has a fascinating past and one of a kind cultures under the influence of Britain, China and India.

From Yangon you can travel to Bago or spend the night. If you decide on a route, you must return to Yangon to resume your voyage by taking the northern one. There is not much to see there, but the quiet and quiet ambience is really suited for a brief bicycle ride to explore a part of Myanmar that is not often used.

It is another important stop on almost every route in Myanmar. Lake Inle is one of Myanmar's four main travel destination (along with Yangon, Bagan and Mandalay). One of Myanmar's best market places, it is the base for the world's most exciting train rides to Pyin u Lwin.

The Mandalay is the perfect conclusion to your trip to Myanmar. It is the second biggest town in Myanmar and although there is not quite as much to do as in Yangon, the town is very well known for the Royal Palace and its culturality. The backpacker's itinerary we recommend has 8 stops to cover most of Burma's major tourism attractions, and it is also very easy to do.

You can, however, schedule your trip to Myanmar on a completely different route if it suits your requirements. Burma has become one of the hotest travel destination in..... Yangon Bagan is one of the most important trails in Myanmar,..... Driving to Myanmar for the first while is an interesting.....

Burma has become one of the most appealing travel destination..... When you travel Myanmar or another strange land, you can..... "Yangon, what to do" - it's certainly one of the..... When you want to experience a new Yangon experience.....

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