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Ratings for our partner in Myanmar (Burma). The Traveller Reviews communicates with the media and reviews membership applications. Myanmar Travel is a travel agency based in Myanmar with many years of experience in the travel industry. You can read reviews and comments from other backpackers travelling to Southeast Asia with Stray, the adventure bus travel specialist. Discover what real customers have said about backyardtravel.


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We' re a traveling community - for work, adventures and game. Together and on an individual basis, we are travelling from places as different as Afghanistan and Ethiopia. At times one' s daily lives are too preoccupied, and the coordination of the viewpoints and the opinion of 4 groups of persons who live in different places is simply discouraging.

And we knew we wanted to go through Burma. Now, there are serious ethics problems in connection with the choice to go to Burma, and everyone in the Burmese household felt weird. She was not afraid of the question we asked, but gave us prospects to help us make our own decisions.

She wanted to make sure she knew exactly what we wanted - what were our experience? What is the number of trips from place to place and to what? If we didn't think it was right, Anne wouldn't object. In the last moment Anne took in another member of our group - it was no hassle at all (or better said, it could have been, but Anne wouldn't let it happen for a moment).

We' had seven nights and drove to Mandalay, Bagan and Lake Inle. In Heho Thet Wai took over and met us with bicycles almost directly from the airplane to bike to Nyaung Shwe. We then biked to Nyaung Shwe on Lake Inle (through paddy paddies - stop and ask peasants silly questions).

Everybody goes by ferry across the Inle-See, everybody goes to visit weaving mills and trades. Don't spend your leisure observing the sundown over the pond, ask to remain on the shore in the town and see the sundown on the homes (we didn't do it, but I wish I had). Sundowns at the lakeside are dull - you can see them everywhere.

Swimming from a cottage in the centre of the water, we observed a pair taking their marriage pictures (people don't usually swim.....). That' s something they don't do - and it was Anne and Wai who made it possible. I' m predicting it'll be the next moor thing at Inle's.

Bagan was the last stop with a new leader named Arkar. The last cocktail was served on our own cocktail bar overlooking the Irrawaddy sundown ( "best cocktail and best position"). This was an exceptional vacation - open to what was happening all over the land, but an added value for the hardworking individuals who work to earn a livelihood at the area.

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