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Shangri-La Yangon Sule See prices and reviews. Burma travelogues & stories. Burma is a Southeast Asian treasure, a destination off the beaten track. Burma Travel Reviews, recommendations and experiences of the last travelers. A Yangon-based travel agency in Myanmar, Golden Clover offers you an unforgettable trip to Myanmar, including our prefabricated tours, trekking tours, river cruises and adventures on the pristine islands of the Mergui Archipelago.

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Thank you for arranging a beautiful travel (Yangon - Bagan - Yangon) to us. Travel 6D/5N and we are very fond of Myanmar. Thank you for our travel brochure - Erix . The Trekkingtour and of course your proposed stay in Shwedagon was very much appreciated by my whole familiy.....

I just want you to know that I had a great part of the Myanmmar trip and that your employees and their supervisors did everything that made my visit so pleasant, very efficiently and proficient. They were also passionately trying to explain the story and other comments I liked.

Myanmar was a wonderful place to be. A glimpse into Myanmar was certainly provided by the great leaders who escorted us to Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Yangon. A leader, especially Bo Bo Bo, who guided us through Yangon on our last two day in Myanmar, was excellent. The Goa of India, 17 May 2013.

My dear Tony, we would like to thank you for our beautiful trip to Myanmar. I was enjoying the trip from beginning to end. We were very well organised and loved every minute. Dining was great all the time, as were the hotel and travel guide books. It was a worthwhile trip and we have the feeling that we got our full amount of it.

Yours sincerely, Jorge Chavez Canada, 02 September 2013. I have to say, we were enjoying our stay with you in Burma. They were all great and they gave me a different perspective on how I see Burma from the outside.

Also we have been enjoying our sojourn in the hote. Sincerely, Jorge Chavez Australia, August 12, 2013. Hello Huong, Yours sincerely, Terry Sweet Australia, September 5, 2013. We offer good consulting and low prices, be it for a plane or rail journey between towns, hotels, sightseeing trips and accommodation outings.

Sincerely, Stephen and Dianne Jones England, August 10, 2013. We' ve just got back from our long journey 10 nights ago. We had a really great journey, but I'm still tired and my timer hasn't set yet. I' m hoping next we can come to Hanoi and see you.

She' s very sincere and dependable, we had our breakfasts together in Yangon on my last day when she wanted to look back on my journey and asked how she could make his work better. Anne and Rob Horton Australia, July 30, 2013. I and my missus were very pleased with the quality of our hospitality and would be delighted to be able to recommend your hospitality to all our relatives and loved ones who come to Myanmar.

bobsleigh and Christine Australia, 02 July 2013. Thank you very much for the beautiful Burma-trip! Thiri, the tourist leader, was very kind and courteous. And she knew a great deal about Bagan and made sure I had a great deal of fun. Altogether, thank you for giving me such a beautiful trip!

Yours sincerely, Laurie Egre USA, 02 March 2013. W-WHYWHY IS MYANMAR WITH US?

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