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Burma was one of the most magical destinations I have visited in my year in Asia. Burma is known for its remarkable beauty and elegance. It is time for the October issue of the online magazine Perceptive Travel, which contains the best travel reports by hiking book authors.

Journeys that change lives: Forty-seven places that can change your environment.

Going away to school or going on a honeymoon is an experience that will be carried by folks with them forever. Others are great adventures, such as getting out of the countryside for the first trip, cross the sea or hike up a mountains. Some of them are scheduled because it's changing. These are some travelling experience that can give a new outlook on the world, a new esteem for the world or simply the opportunity to take part in a huge party that raises the spirits:

This 92-mile long highway that passes through Denali National Parks passes through a sub-Arctic countryside unrivalled in North America. Topped by the hill that gave the name to the reserve, the reserve covers six million hectares, an area the scale of a small piece of land in Europe, such as Macedonia. It is difficult to get lost on the only street through the gardens and the camp sites are so loved that the gardens have established a booking system.

However, it is simple to get lost in a scenery unaffected by the times, in a room so big that everyone would think they were small. A journey through time: Myanmar old Buddhist campus in Bagan. As the sun sets, small groups of passengers climb the temple patios to see the skies illuminate a hundred towers.

We have no mega-hotels, no large resort, just a slippery slope to an Asia that no longer exist in many other places. There are many that offer great dining (and drinking), and the beauties of the whole boat are able to adapt the route. The Hindu colour celebration in the Hindu cities of Mathura and Vrindavan exploded in May.

Mauritius has grown up all over the globe (Mauritius really does enjoy it), but it has a particular meaning here in the place that is worshipped as Krishna's birth place. Scuba or snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef makes the whole wide open sea even larger than it already is. Romanticism and arts and fashion and eating. Paris has these things on offer all year round, but they are presented at the Salon du Chocolat.

This salon has been so popular that it has travelled to other lands. On a walk along the philosopher's trail, which passes under cherries and near cherries and churches, the occasional visitor can see the secrets of all this. It operates inns and regularly gives lectures in English on Zen and attentiveness. Don't be afraid to be isolated from the outside worid.

Travellers stopping on the US coastline miss the stunning midwestern Chicago architectural, jazzy nightclubs and ethnical festival every week-end of the year. At the Second City Theatre (where all three of the above improvisations take place) there are courses for everyone who wants to register. The Buenos Aires bookshop El Ateneo Grand Splendid.

Argentina is a paradise for wordserds, with more bookshops per head than any other town in the canal. It' s not possible to go to even a small part of it, but the renowned El Ateneo Grand Splendid catches the admiration of the lexicograph. El Ateneo is located in an artistic old theatre and is a sanctuary of the literalist.

Visiting the old building of a capitol can be part of a check list, a landmark to see and tick. The biggest and most frequented palatial building on earth is operating on a level that you can hardly believe if you do not walk through its many paths and penetrate the strata above the strata of exalted.

There' are little more icons of America's travelling experience than a street tour and few more dramatic streets than the U.S. Highway 1 on the California coastline. Full speed is almost 600 leagues from San Diego to just off the city. New Orleans Jazz Festival is a festival of joie de vivre.

New Orleans' culinary delights and musical performances are nowhere better than at the Jazz Festival, which attracts big names and small-town ensembles with the same thrill. Dining areas with cooked crustaceans and soft shell shrimps, gingerbread and straight chocolate soda are sloshing across the area. Jazz Fest is about partying the joys of living and breaking down the barriers.

Wimbledon is even for those interested in a game a way to give old tradition a pitch, a kind of game in the Downton Abbey, while discovering the many lively types of contemporary Britishness that London has to offer. Hiking in the Volcano National Park of Rwanda is not for everyone. So Bali is offering flight.

For a long time, Bali has been a haven for the artist and writer in search of abundant source of inspirations. Breathtaking landscapes, great dining, night life and peaceful hideaways - Bali is the place to be. Be it backpackers or resorts, Bali gives the visitor the opportunity to re-calibrate by showing their own example of how to do it.

riffin Shea is a South African author and traveller.

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