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There are four ways travellers can help save Myanmar. Burma is an undiscovered and up-and-coming destination in Southeast Asia. Ancient Myanmar Buddhist complex in Bagan. Myanmar can be divided geographically into several zones. The best places for hot-air balloon rides.

destinations in South Burma, Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar is known today as Tanintharyi Region (?????????????) and is the strach-dam. It has long coastlines and long sand dunes in front of a huge island complex of more than 800 largely deserted archipelagos, most of which have seen very few people. The state of Mon (????????????) has a mixture of everything that is beautiful and special about Myanmar: gold sanctuaries, a tangible colorful past, enchanting towns, a mixture of different ethnical groups and even a picturesque shoreline.

Traveling in this area is generally simple and the locals are kind, while the distance between the main cities is close. Mawlamyine ( ??????????) is a singular collection of scenery, beautiful and sad. The mountain range of stupas on one side, the Thanlwin River on the other and a center full of collapsing old houses from the Colonies, temples and mazes.

It was the scene that inspires both George Orwell and Rudyard Kipling, two of the English-speaking authors most associated with Myanmar. Kayin State (???????????) is a Myanmar landmark due to the unique blend of stunning landscapes - tree-clad calcareous mounds over lush rice paddies - and a stunning ethnical blend. The Myeik (????) is located on a promontory in the Andaman Sea.

Located about half way between the Middle East and China, not to speak of the secure harbor provided by the Peninsular and the opposite isles, Myeik became an important global harbor over 500 years ago. Myeik Archipelago's fine islets ( "Mergui Archipelago") are located off the Tanintharyi coastline in southernmost Myanmar.

Whilst regional beads and seafood are in demand, it is the archipelago's enormous unexploited resource as a sandy and ecotouristic goal that could really change the region's economic situation. This area near the estuary of the Dawei River has been populated for five hundred years or more, mainly by Mon and Thai sailors.

Situated at the end of the Tanintharyi region - the most southern point of Myanmar land (500 mile from Yangon and 1200 mile from the north tip of the country) - this small harbour is separate from Thailand by a wide mouth in the Pagyan River. Oharming Ye (?????????), pronounced'yay', has long since disappeared from travelcards.

Up until recently, restraints by the regime kept foreign nationals from taking the roads southwards of Myanmar, leaving Ye insulated about half way between Myanmar and Dawei. Myawaddy (?????), situated on the Moei River opposite the Thailand borough of Mae Sot, changed for many years between a doubtful frontier village and an interrupted battlefield.

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