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The editorial note: "Demands for a travel boycott against Myanmar have arisen in response to international condemnation and media coverage of the Rohingya tragedy. Burma has secured its place as one of the most important travel destinations in the world. The ultimate travel packing list (Everything I wear). Recently she returned from an almost four-year trip around the world, and her itching to explore her brings her to new places again and again. One of these places that will make your travel heart beat faster.

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, can be experienced on this 12-day highlight itinerary. There is something for everyone, from the pulsating and colourful roads of the town of Yangon to the beautiful Inle Lake. Discover treasure in the lively market, unwind in the Kalaw and Shan Hills scenery and discover local cultures and religions while visiting old palaces and caves.

Featuring a lot of hiking in Bhutan and Tibet, the pair have made the Three Passes Circuit in Nepal their goal. After sixteen rambling holidays, they went to Myanmar to enjoy a completely different kind of entertainment, completed by a hot-air flight over the swimming garden of Inle Lake.

Continue reading to learn more about Jo's travels. Recently she came back from an almost four-year trip around the globe, and her itching to discover her brings her to new places again and again. Myanmar, still off the beaten track of Southeast Asia, was the site of their latest adventures. Continue reading to see what really caught her by surprise about Myanmar and where she's going next!

Burma is an astonishing place to experience some of the most extraordinary festival in the game. The data changes every year, so please make sure you know which ones are on during your trip through the state. It is a particularly good plan to pay attention to the vibrant fiestas of pagodas that take place on a regular basis throughout Myanmar.

This itinerary is ideal for first-time Myanmar residents who want to explore the land through its peoples and stories. Three very different travel sites reflecting Myanmar's intricate and colourful past and its wealthy cultural heritage can be experienced in 8 get-togethers. What is the recommended length of stay in Myanmar?

A two-week trip is the ideal way to discover Myanmar. When you have less timeframe, you can still have a lot of practice, but it takes a lot of meticulous work. Five or longer is enough to get to know the local historical and cultural heritage by taking in two of Myanmar's Big Four distinations.

The 8-day trip offers a view of the most important sights of Myanmar - Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake. They eat with a native familiy, attend vibrant marketplaces and pilgrimages and relish the companionship of experienced native leaders who are sharing their histories and insight. Myanmar's amazing cultural heritage can be experienced on a 10-day trip through the Golden Land.

Mandalay to Bagan and on to Yangon, every single working days you will be connected with the kind folk and the wealthy tradition of the area. Experience the best of Myanmar at a relaxing tempo on this two-week trip. Beginning and ending in Yangon, stop on your way through the old Bagan temple, exploring the former imperial capitol of Mandalay and overlooking the stunning water of Inle Lake.

We have also incorporated some neighbourhoods and secluded areas that are not found on most common trips in Myanmar. Myanmar's hiding places are the focus of this trip. In five get-togethers, from breathtaking scenery and country villages to the sun rise at the Golden Rock Picnic, you'll see some of Myanmar's best sights.

When you have the thought of blending breath-taking mountain scenery and unspoilt sand beach in one journey, this is your journey. Myanmar's close south is a captivating, largely unknown place, uniting peasant towns, rural past and untouched isles. Explore the east of Myanmar with its many breath-taking historic places and beautiful countryside.

Walk through magic buddhistic memorials in Indein and Pindaya, visiting Lake Inle and exploring unspoilt places by canoe. You' ll be able to experience the breathtaking natural surroundings while getting a foretaste of the village and market area. The Ngapali Beach is a great place to rest and unwind after a strenuous trip through Myanmar's towns and culture landmarks.

This is the right journey for you if you prefer to visit small towns, winding streams and stunning views. Take a weekend to explore the secret places in northeastern Myanmar, where a varied mixture of historical places and mountain people's towns invites the fearless traveller. Myanmar's residents are unbelievably kind and inviting.

Encountering and mixing with them is often a high point of the journey to Myanmar. Below we have described some of our favourite places to experience our community cultures that can be easily added to your Myanmar vacation program. Myanmar's best-known photo is the images of tens of hot-balloon floating across the Bagan plain, with a mist covering the centuries.

It is a must for many travellers and for good reasons - to see thousand of historical sights from a bird's perspective is a unique one. A five-day tour of Myanmar shows the best of both towns and makes sure you can build a real relationship with the local community and civilization.

Be it as an introductory tour in Myanmar or as an addition to a stop in Yangon, this journey will certainly please the history-enthusiastic traveller. There are many other places you can see during your journey to Myanmar where most of us know Myanmar's Big Four destination - Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake - but there are a number of other places that are truly special and enjoyable.

Here is a listing of the other'top' places you can see and explore during your journey to Myanmar. is a general salute throughout Myanmar. However, most travellers do not know what to look for in Myanmar's kitchen. Continue reading to learn more about the Golden Land's delicious flavours and cuisines.

The 8-day route is intended for those who want to travel independently but have little to spare in experiencing Myanmar's many-sidedness. You' ll explore the remains of Mandalay, walk through Bagan's vast array of worship sites, explore the magnificent Inle Lake and see the exhilarating mix of old and new in Yangon. Enjoy the best of Myanmar in a way that will excite children and grown-ups alike.

Make use of the most important holiday locations, but with a wide range of enjoyable and yet connected to Myanmar's heritage and people. While Myanmar is still an up-and-coming tourism location, some areas are already attracting much more interest than others. When you are looking for places off the usual paths, you will find here a large selection of adventures that allow a better appreciation of regional cultures, natural and cultural traditions.

Prepare to see the miracles of Myanmar! Whether it' s meetings with colourful mountain people or quiet cycling tours through paddy fields, this two-week journey has it all and is the ideal first journey for travellers interested in culture. However, most international travellers have no clue what to expects from the meal in Myanmar.

Mandalay is a two-day sightseeing trip that will introduce you to the gastronomic traditions and flavours of Mandalay. Explore Myanmar - a culturally diverse and breathtaking landscape - off the beaten tracks on this 8-day trip. There are three distinct periods in Myanmar: the cold, the warm and the wet.

Every time of the year has its own special event, along with a number of years' worth of festival where you can savour this historical, intriguing and energy-packed world. Cycle through Yangon, Pindaya, Kalaw and Inle Lake to discover the best of Shan State. You will take less busy streets, ski long downhill runs and stay in comfort every nocturnal.

No need to worry about the traditional coach holiday: put on your hiking boot, take a bicycle and take a feeling of adventures to explore the true Myanmar scenery. Take two-week explorations of the country's most important sights and treasures and connect more closely with the peoples and cultures that make Myanmar so unique.

View the best of Myanmar. From the pulsating town of Yangon to the temple-filled plain of Bagan, this brief but enlightening vacation stretches across a vast expanse of land. Discover the old capital cities of Mandalay and then flight to Shan State, a scenic and colorful mountainous area.

Burma is different from anywhere else in Southeast Asia or the rest of the know. Below we have described 5 things that make Myanmar different and different. Burma is a country of holy holiness, deeply entrenched tradition and miles and miles of beautiful scenery and welcoming nation. Only a few places in the whole wide globe have such a wonderful choice of nature and culture.

Myanmar is an excellent place for an open-air adventurous trip with countless kilometres of peaceful streets and paths. Hiking and biking take you to less crowded areas and often the route takes you to stunning towns or outlooks.

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