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The Myanmar Romantic Getaway for couples. Discover Myanmar (Burma) as you like. Locate Myanmar Tour & Travel Package. See Tour & Travel Packages on Myanmar from Singapore Travel Agencies. The best Myanmar tour packages can fulfill your next adventure dream to Myanmar.

Burma Vacation, tour and travel packages

Founded in 2007, our Australia based firm has more than 10 years of expertise in organising Custom Tours of Myanmar for customers around the globe. Our Australia and Myanmar operations combine more than 20 years of expertise. Proud to be THE premier Australian-Myanmar tourism operator, we are one of the few international members of the Union of Myanmar Travellers Association (UMTA).

All our operations are exclusively focused on organizing custom trips through Myanmar. No group of foreigners is packed by us, but each customer is designed according to his individual wishes. We' re completely adaptable and can organise trips for any number of persons, from budgets to full 5-star comforts.

Since we only work in Myanmar, our dedicated Sydney and Yangon based tourism professionals are all Myanmar people!

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Burma is witnessing an explosion of interest after the once tight regime opened the country's door to the world. Located at the intersection of China, India and Thailand in Southeast Asia, Myanmar is an unbelievable vacation destination. This new tourist hot spot attracts visitors to one of the many main tourist attractions: an unspoilt, unspoiled area.

Burma is one of the last unspoilt areas in the world. A trip to the countryside today is a unique opportunity to see a land whose door has only just begun to open. Burma is best for the adventuresome traveller. It is a land of worship and religion.

There are many wonderful and unbelievable places of worship among the top-seats. Bagan is also a great vacation destination. Today it is one of the best architectonic places in Southeast Asia. There are also many unspoilt shores along the Myanmar coastline. Situated on the Bay of Bengal, Ngwe Saung Beach offers clear waters and unspoilt nature.

The journey from inland places of worship to the coastal sands is made relatively easy by cheap local transport. Myanmar is the cold winter months from November to February. There are many of the many tourist activities in the area.

Nowadays, the land is thriving. It is now daylight rush to savour Myanmar's unbelievable serenity.

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