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GODENNESS TRIPS was excellent for planning the Myanmar trip, provided the best travel guides, upgrades in all hotels and seamless, smooth travel. Commenting on the decision, Lwin Toh, Chairman of the Union of Myanmar Travel Association said. Current travel news, upcoming events, travel tips and travel plans. Lake is one of the most important destinations in Myanmar, at least what I read when planning my trip to the Golden Land. We present some of the latest news from Myanmar, important events and so on.

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Thingyan or the Myanmar Waterstival? The Myanmar waterside celebration Thingyan is an offical public day and will be held from 13th to 17th April 2018. The Green Season Travel: Greener Season Destinations: ..... Bagan application for the UNESCO world..... Directly from Bagan to... Opening of Bagan Visitor Centre .... Flying from Kathmandu to...

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Burma has implemented a tourism visas from early April 2018, which will provide proof within 24 hrs of filing, all year round, even on bank holiday. A new study with a simplified authorisation procedure for all nationals qualifying for an e-tourist visas is the Touristic Visas Express Service. It is available on the Ministry of Labour, Immigration and Population website and cost $56 (no refund and all other requirements apply) as opposed to $50 for the basic E-Tourist' Permit.

On March 4, MasterCard completed its first POS deal in Myanmar with Golden Myanmar Airlines before it announced its intention to have 500 POS equipment installed by Co-operative Bank and MasterCard Worldwide across the state. By the end of the year, MasterCard and CB intend to address more than 500 POS device stores, retailers and hotel customers, according to a MasterCard declaration published on March 4.

As MasterCard will start the Yangon roll-out, it is planning to meet Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay and Bagan towards the second trimester 2013, the testimony goes on........ The 27th Myanmar SEA Games 2013 will take place in December, with opening ceremonies on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 (11-12-13). SEA Games 2013 final ceremonies have not yet been decided.....

In Myanmar, the price of Myanmar's mobile phone cards continues to be among the highest in the country, despite renewed pledges by the Myanmar authorities to drastically reduce it. Since the halving of the price of SIM cards in 2011, most of the public's hopes have not yet been fulfilled. We appreciate the great assistance of all our services, vendors, guides, riders and employees of Asia Travel and Holiday in 5 branches in Myanamar, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam, who have supported our business every year.....

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