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Burma travel map

On every city map of Mandalay, the massive walled and water-filled royal palace is unmistakable. Perhaps we still can't show this beautiful country on the maps. Favourite Myanmar trip and tour. Favourite Myanmar trip and tour. Produced with Google My Maps.

Burma Travel Map Fourth Edition

by Periplus is conceived as a comfortable, easy-to-use traveler-interface. This Myanmar card (also known as Burma) is made of hardwearing, laminated papermaking and can be opened and folded several folds, whether it's the whole card you want to see or a blackboard at once. Included in this fourth issue are scale able charts and plans:

Maps:: The Periplus maps are available in most large Asia -Pacific towns and locations. There is an astonishing diversity of intriguing tourist attractions, from the multi-faceted Indian sub-continent, the busy metropolitan state of Singapore and the "western style" Sydney to Bali's charm.

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Situated on the west shore of the Southeast Asian peninsula, Union of Myanmar lies between the subcontinent of India and Indochina. Changing winds from the monsoons of the East Indies and Mongolian high winds define a fairly mature tropic environment. At Rakhine's main level use to keep the yearly precipitation as low as 40 inch, while in Rakhine coastline it gathers 200-inch.

About 300 known mammals, 300 reptilian and 100 birds live here. There are about 7000 different types of plants. Physical proofs suggest that the Paleolithic and Neolithic culture blossomed. Such proof are murals of Pada Lin caves at the base of the Shan Ranges near Myittha.

Despite the conflict then and now, the Mon, Rakhine, Shan and Pyu civilizations have virtually fused with Myanmar's present one. Today it is an association of 135 ethnical groups.

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South East Asia consists of some of the most gorgeous and tropical countries on the world. You' d miss the opportunity to relax on Thailand's fine sandy beach or take a scenic Halong Bay tour of Vietnam. The mystic Angkor Wat of Cambodia and the unbelievable level of the temple in Bagan of Myanmar will inspire you.

The south-east tour guides have gathered a wealth of first-hand information and advice on visas, hotel accommodation, air conditioning, sightseeing, transport, shopping, and more. They hope to help you prepare for your trip. November to April is the best period to visit the Indochina area.

Let yourself be inspire by our hotest Southeast Asia trips or let us put together a tailor-made route for you.

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