Myanmar Travel Itinerary

Burma Itinerary

So, you have seen the map of Myanmar and looked at some of the destinations offered in our beautiful and historic country. Two weeks' itinerary in Myanmar. Immerse yourself in the exotic world of Myanmar (Burma), where ancient temples fill the horizon. With this flexible passport, you're on an adventure! Find a itinerary for each option.

MEYANMAR TRAVEL GUIDE | Ultimate 3-week route

Burma opened its doors in 2012 and reveals an Asiatic land in its cleanest state. In no other land will you be as welcome as in Myanmar. It is a vast land, larger than Thailand, and it is a little more difficult to find your way around, so it is advisable to take at least 2 week to see all the highpoints.

A 3-week Myanmar travel guide to see all the best of the land. Are Myanmar safe? So many things to do in Myanmar that a 3-week journey would be the perfect number of nights to fully explore the state. Burma is full of high points like the Bagan sanctuary, swimming towns on Lake Inle to one of Asia's most beachs.

Remember that the journey through Myanmar is good, but it' s sluggish. The Myanmar guide contains some additional information that is intended as an itinerary. Myanmar's biggest town, the most advanced and former Yangon metropolis is the ideal starting point for your journey. One of the city's landmarks, the Shwedagon Pagoda, or enjoy a great dinner in one of the many great dining places.

An Hpa is no longer the standard Myanmar guidebook and is unfortunately often jumped over by travellers. One of these places that will make your travelling hearts beat more. They are the best Buddhist monasteries in Bagan to be visited. The drive from Hpa An to Bagan lasts about 10h. The streets are new and as convenient as possible with the JJ Express bus from Yangon to Bagan.

It is also possible to fly, but it will cause a dip in your Myanmar money, as a 1-hour trip costs about $100. Depart Bagan and head to Mandalay to see Myanmar's second-biggest town. In this town everything revolves around sight-seeing, some wonderful monasteries are around Mandalay! The 4-hour trip from Bagan to Mandalay.

It is the town where there is a noticeable discrepancy in riches, just outside Mandalay are towns of human beings who live in their shelters among the waste. Rubbish in Myanmar is a big issue. Most of the folks throw it all out on the streets just because they don't know any better.

Watch the locals work in the swimming pools or on their fishermen' yachts. The Mandalay to Inle Lake is a 6-hour-trip. Inle Lake is reached by plane (~$100 USD) from Heho Airport to one of Asia's most scenic shores, Ngapali Airport. Unwind on the shore from all the travels of the last two week.

It would have been simpler to start from Bagan, but there are no straight flight options from Bagan to Ngapali at the moment of the letter. When you are a faster traveller or simply have more free space, there are more places to supplement your itinerary. Are Myanmar secure? Yes, Myanmar is quite secure to be travelling.

is it okay to go through a land with such a poor record on humankind? Probably the reply is no, but why do we go to places where this story goes a little further (and will probably be forgotten), like China or Israel. It is our sense that we must help the locals who profit from our trip.

Attempt to share your spending with the natives so that they can remain happy and continue to lead their everyday life. Let us not overlook the fact that the local population and the administration are not the same. Myanmar (Burma) best travel season in November to February. They need a Myanmar entry permit to enter the Philippines.

Visas on arrivals are not available in Myanmar, but it is not hard to get a visas on-line. The only way to get a Myanmar visas is to get them on-line via Please send your resume at least three working day before your date of residence. Usually the request is accepted within a few hour and you will get your ETA (Electronic Travel Authorisation) in your e-mail.

For a 28-day entry fee of $50, you can only pay by your personal payment method. It is well organized to get around Myanmar, but it will take some long trips to get to your final destinations. The majority of Myanmar's restaurant-houses do not have WiFi and most of them do not have good WiFi either.

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