Myanmar Travel Itinerary

Burma Itinerary

Myanmar trip was planned at the last minute and in the middle of the high season, in the first week of January. But Myanmar lovers could also discover one or two things. Burma (Myanmar) specialists have a whole range of travel ideas that will surely inspire you to your next tailor-made holiday in Burma with Audley. Two-week trip to Myanmar. It is the first in our new series of travel plans for destinations around the world.

Two weeks trip through Burma

With a little money and you don't care to do some local flying, it is possible to reach Burma's top shelving locations - Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake - in just seven working nights, but we would say you are much better off doubling that and enjoying the two week highlight.

Whilst the humans will jump through Burma in only one whole month, you have two whole days to take in this morning sunrise and sundown in Bagan and maybe extend your feet with a short walk through the forest. Here is a Burma route that will show you how.

We' re going into this two-week trip to Burma below, but here is a short abstract. Arrival in Yangon. 2nd day: Discover Yangon. Sleepover coach to Bagan. Sailing in Bagan and watch the sundown. 4th day: Sunrise, then drive to Bagan, finish with sundown.

Sleepover coach to Mandalay. Scenic excursion to either Amarapura or Tag 7. Night coach to Kalaw. 8th day: Stop and stop at the Kalaw fair. 11th day: Trek and arrive at Inle See. Scenic cycling tour around Inle with a tour of the vineyard. 13th day: An early mornings excursion on the pond and maybe a stop at the lak.

Overnight coach back to Yangon. The following route allows you to take off from either Yangon or Mandalay, according to your destination - we advise Yangon to you. On all long-haul routes (Yangon - Bagan, Bagan - Mandalay, Mandalay - Kalaw, Inle - Yangon) you can take overnight coaches.

When you' re not into midnight coaches, have trouble staying in busses, or have the money to travel, you' ll have a few feet to go. Although Burmese flights are twice as expensive, they remain very inexpensive and saves you a lot of travel experience, which means you'll be better equipped and probably have a less strenuous one.

During the high seasons Nyaung Shwe bookings for Inle Lake are still a good option. Pre-booking to prevent Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan hotel carving is less of an issue than before. When you arrive in the mornings in Burma's trading capitol Yangon, leave your luggage in your backpack: we will take care of you:

From the beach ), get them a pass for the overnight coach to Bagan and set off directly to the town. It is a particularly interesting and photographic journey. The best riding season by far is as early as possible, as Yangon is the most activity after sunrise, before the days are hot.

In the afternoons call Golden Harp and take a personal guided trip with former detainees or, if you are looking for something less peaceful and peaceful, an afternoons at Lake Kandawgyi is a convenient way to end your second days in Yangon. After cooling off we return to the overnight coach terminal in Bagan.

You will leave your overnight coach in Bagan very early, i.e. if you have reserved your accomodation (Backpacker: Shwe Na Di flashpacker: However, if you have got less sleeping than anticipated in the overnight coach (a unique possibility), we recommend you to use your sleeping bag, as you will get a twilight on the second one.

Whilst Bagan has a ton of temple to chose from, most of them are divided into four wide areas (Nyuang U, Old Bagan, New Bagan and the Central Plains). We recommend that you order them within the next two working nights - one in the afternoons and the other three with a full working full working full working full working hours on the second one.

As Bagan is a place where more travel is available, if you have an additional days up your sleeves, this is the place where you can redeem it. Mt Popa is a very favourite outing. If you arrive early on the first morning, you will in theory get two twilights, two sundowns, two forenoons and two afternoons before taking the overnight coach to Mandalay.

Try to stay in an area - traveling from one end of Bagan to the other (and back again) in the burning hot weather is neither convenient nor sensible, but with two full nights you should be able to enjoy all the delights of Bagan.

MANDALAY Similar to Bagan, a overnight coach to Mandalay will see you driving into the city very early, but in this case there are less urgent grounds to drive up. MANDALY HILL RESORT) and relax for the day, or, if you have had a good night's sleep, try some craftsmen' towns.

After lunch you will visit the Palast and round off the tour with the U Bein Brücke. It is important that you are well looked after at dusk, as this means that you can get a good night's rest in your Kalaw overnight-truck. Mandalay-Kalaw coach ride can be a spectacle in the daytime, but you will unfortunately miss it and be left in the city in the early mornings.

It is a good place to go, but for most it is the departure point for the two-night three-day long Inle Lake kalawa trail. When you have a little bit of free travel, this is a journey we strongly suggest. For whomever you choose, you have a mornings ('08:00) when you begin the stroll and groups leave the city of Calaw - there is no bus to a trail head or the like.

You will be dropped off at the south end of shores of Lake Inle, from where a ferry will take you to the capital, Nyaung Shwe, on the northern shore of Inle. The last of the "classic Burma" targets on this series. Although the pond is nice, the flourishing touristic city of Nyaung Shwe is much less.

Once the ship has deposited you in Nyaung Shwe, you will need to go to your accommodation to collect your bag (you will be picked up by Kalaw car) and then find your accommodation (Backpacker: Nan Da Wunn flashpacker: The major feature of Inle is the sea, and since you have already taken a cruise across the sea to get here, you are ahead of the pack. Here you will find your bag.

We would visit the pond again on your second (and last) days, but be sure to go very early to avoid the heaviest masses of people - there can be several hundred ships on the pond in high seasons. On a full days trip you can take the lakeshore, a lakefront fair (the situation is shifting by day) and In Dein southwards and deposit them back in Nyaung Shwe for a sensible lesson to clear up, have a last dinner and then get ready for your overnight coach back to Yangon, and finish Burma's top shelving.

When you are not interested in hiking from Kalaw to Inle Lake, consider going from Mandalay to Hsipaw or Kyaukme. When you have a little more time, we recommend to add Yangon, Bagan, Inle and Mandalay additional day in this order. When you need to shave off for a few nights, let the Kalaw fall to Inle Trek.

When you have three targets only, let Mandalay fall first. Neither does the above route include the Ngapali and the immediate south route around Hpa-an and Marlamyine - one would try to adapt them in two week and would suggest at least another five working nights to conveniently adapt both areas.

After all, the above Burma route is certainly feasible, but keep in mind that travelling around the countryside is sluggish, rough and a little inconvenient. When you have more to do and can decelerate, do it - your butt will thank you at the end of your journey. It can be almost as crazy as it is enjoyable to plan your journey, and here are some contours to help you get in.

Myanmar is suitable for a quick journey with regular flight or a longer, more sluggish journey where you do not get off the ground. However, Burma is a good place to start. Thin and long, Vietnam looks easy, but walking is sluggish and the distance from A to A can really be a nag.

When you are not on an unlimited journey, you should be careful in your plans. It' great to be able to enjoy your travel plans.

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