Myanmar Travel Itinerary

Burma Itinerary

Below you will get an impression of what we can arrange for you. We' ve decided to book flights/hotels through a local travel agency. It is an example of a family holiday in Myanmar and can be adapted according to time, budget and interests. Yangon, Myanmar experience - itinerary, travel expenses and tips. We have everything under control, from catering to our travel and route guide!

Myanmar 3 perfect week-long itineraries

Burma is one of the most attractive in Southeast Asia. Choose from these three routes for your next one-week trip: As Myanmar's last imperial capitol, Yangon has many magnificent monuments and pilasters that will certainly give an impressing first glimpse of Myanmar. Explore the Shwedagon Pagoda, the Sule Pagoda and the Bogyoke markets.

Following a long outing with views of the Yangon attractions, Myanmar's night life is on 19St. Fly to one of the most important business towns in Upper Burma and fill your belly with Mandalay Mont Di (a real Mandalay pasta salad) before you start your itinerary. Prepare for an impressive Mandalay Palace tour, hike to the Mandalay Hills and take a walk along the U Bein Bridge on the edge of Mandalay.

The main tourist attraction to Myanmar is Bagan. It is the old capitol of the First Kingdom of Myanmar and has several different monasteries that will delight you. Among the must-visit places are the Dhammayangyi Temple, the Ananda Temple and the A Lo Taw Pyae Temple (translated as a wish pagoda). In order to experience the wonderful Myanmar sunsets, you can either go to the Shwesandaw or Pyathetgyi Pagodas.

Your second outing in Bagan will take you to less well-known places like Phaya Thone Su, Soe Min Gyi Pagoda and Sin Phyu Sin Temple. Once you have visited these less overcrowded places, you' ll be taken to Manuhar Temple, Gupyoukgyi Pagoda, Htilominlo Temple and Gadawpalin Temple. They can also take home Tami ind sweets and plum ginger, both of which are favourite Bagan candies.

Bagan leads to the east of Myanmar, known for its indigenous food. Then find your way to the Sularmuni Pagoda, the holiest of the many in the Taunggyi and Mway Taw Kakku area. Then go to Nyaung Shwe, about an hour's ride from Taunggyi, and enjoy a tasty meal.

Start your next morning in Bagan light and early with a tour of the renowned Inle Lake, where you will find boaters rowing the rowing vessels with their toes. There you can do various things such as discover Khit Sunn Yin Lotus, stop by the silk and cotton hand weaving centre or the Inle Heritage and Phaung Daw U Pagoda.

Prior to saying good-bye to the Golden Land of Myanmar, take a full excursion to Kyitehtiyo (Gold Rock Pagoda), three hours by car from Yangon. The story says that this is like the Arahant ( "Enlightened Monk") skull. Kyitehtiyo Pagode people are always confused about how the Golden Rock stays intact.

The Phaung Daw U Pagode, Shwe Indein Pagode, Inle Heritage and Hand Weaving Centers are among the many places not to be miss on this lakefront. Then have a hearty supper at any of Nyaung Shwe's restaurants. In Nyaung Shwe you should also visit the Shwe Yaunghwe Kyaung and the Shwe Yan Pyay Monastery.

Taiunggyi is the capitol of Shan State, and you can awaken early in the day to go to the village square and interoperate with the Shan folks. Then you will go to the holy Sularmuni Pagoda and the Mway Taw Kakku Pagoda. It is a widely distributed specialty in Taunggyi, and you can even take a walk around a tealeaf plantation to see how this infamous product is made.

If you are once in Kalaw, you will never want to depart this lovely town. Whatever your visiting times, you will always experience the fresh changes in temperatures and airy, chilly meteorlog. The Shweoomin Pagoda, Myin Ma Hti Temple and Bawa Thantayar Bridge are popular places near Kalaw that you should also see.

Try to plan a tour of Pindaya, a top course two hrs away. The closest town to Kalaw is Heho, and you can take a plane to Mandalay to see the Mandalay Palace, the Mandalay Hills and U Pein Bridged. To end this marvelous journey to Myanmar, you can get wandering in deliberate prayers on one of the places of the pagodas.

andalay is one of the only two ways for travellers coming to Myanmar by plane. A few places worth seeing in Mandalay are the Mandalay Palace, the Mandalay Hills and the U Bein Bridges in Amarapura. While you continue exploring the town, visit the Shwe Kyaung (Golden Monastery and the Kuthodaw Pagoda, a mystic place that considers the biggest novel in the game.

The Mahamuni Pagoda is the most popular place for worshiping. Then you drive to the neighboring town of Mandalay. There you will be able to see the Mingun areas, where there are many historic places (Mingun Pathodawgyi, the most popular of all). When you return to Mandalay, stop in Innwa to see the Bagaya Convent, which is made of tea wood, the Thabyedische Festung and the Yadana Hsimi Pagoda.

A three-day stay in Bagan will still not be enough to see over 2,200 churches in this old town. In Bagan you can ride an e-bike between Old Bagan and New Bagan. Journey to Bagan will not be completed without the Ananda Temple, the Dhammayangyi Pagoda, the Htilominlo Pagoda and the A Lo Taw Pyae Pagoda.

You can also see the Tharapar Gate and the Manuhar Pagoda, where three giant Buddha sculptures are standing in an ironic small one. There are four Swal Taw pagodas (where holy Buddhist remains are kept) in Bagan: Shwe Zi Gone, Lawkanandar, Tant-kyi-taung and Tu-ywin-taung. You can also find the gemstones in Bagan, such as Kyansittha Umin Temple (Kyansittha Cave), Hngat Pyit Tung (Bird Hunting Mountain), and Sinphyushin Temple.

Then after three nights in the temple, you' ll be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of this town. You can also go to the world-famous Goteik-Viadukt and don't miss to catch a dignified self-ie when you are there. Then you will go to the holy Maha Ant Htoo Kan Thar Pagoda before flying back to Mandalay.

In any case, with a whole weekend in Myanmar you can get more terrain covered and see more places of interest with a sound route. Flights from one town to another can be expensive, but air prices are always good when you see what every town in Myanmar has to boast. There are three things he loves most in life: food, making new acquaintances and traveling.

In order to savour all three things he likes, he often goes to places where he can have new food and make new acquaintances. He has traveled a lot in Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam) and it doesn't make any difference if he has to go alone or with the group. He only cares about traveling.

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