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ATMs are rare in Myanmar. Provides information on the main tourist attractions and destinations in northern Myanmar to help you plan your itinerary. Buranmar travel information - Holidays in Burma Your trip starts in Myanmar. Stroll through a ruined town in Bagan with around 3000 shrines stretching across the Irrawaddy River. Myanmar's second biggest town, still regarded as the country's most important centre of culture.

Number one in Myanmar with its infinite amount of blank sand.

Visas are issued for 28 consecutive nights in Myanmar from the date of your arrival in Myanmar (Burma). The Agga Youth Hotel is an inexpensive hotel for tourists. The Bagan Balloon offers you a great panorama look over the Bagan Islands in Myanmar. It is our goal to offer the traveler a trustworthy information resource to explore this astonishing state.

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A Journey into the Unknown; Myanmar travel guide

I would like you to see the land on the maps before I write down my Myanmar travel guide and take you to this trip. Then why don't we listen to more about Myanmar? Myanmar (also known as Burma) probably doesn't seem to be at all intimate. Myanmar.... The land that made me say, "Well, I'm in a different place now" when I first took to the streets.

Then you can just let me take care of the scent, the culture make-up, the tradition... Then you can just like I did in Myanmar and relax and take your time. All I know is that I long to see Bagan. Besides, the only thing I know about Myanmar, the old town, that'?s encircled by a thousand people... Myanmar is a little crazy somehow.

Perhaps it is because the door was opened to the public after the 2010 June Army or it is still besieged by civilian wars... But Bagan... Bagan is'once in a lifetime' thing. I have only 8 working nights before the course and return to Yangon, where I begin my trip.

Well, it's a big shock that before I see Bagan, I spent 3 night and 1 day in the busses in 8 day and not only Bagan, but also Mandalay and Inle Lake and come back to the place where I begin. Now, let's take one by one look at Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake itineraries:):

I' m staying more, but exploring less. Since it was a very tough and insane journey for me from Sri Lanka to Myanmar (night flights to Kuala Lumpur+ 12 hrs in Kuala Lumpur to discover, hardly sleep+ with another plane to Yangon), I can get up and go out at almost 4 pm.

I' m paying 8000 Kyats, rent an Umbrella (a kind of Myanmar tradition) and disappear inside. -Yangon is an emerging town. Chinatown roads are great for a walk around Lake Kandawgyi. I don't think it's necessary to stay here much while. Since I stayed here 2 days and 1 evening, I take the overnight coach to Bagan (the ticket is 13-17K Kyats, and when you get to Bagan, you don't need to buy a 10K Kyats for a cab, it only lasts 6-8 Kyats).

Bagan, the Sacred Heart of Myanmar! Bagan, oh, Bagan!!!!! Bagan falls in Love with his magic ambience after a visit to Yangon. Bagan, formerly known as Pagan, is a town of 2200 remaining of more than 10 thousand in the 9th to 13thcentury. In Myanmar, however, the price of hostels is a little high.

Beginning at 10USD at noon. I am happy to be able to spend 2 day without a ticket:) Old Bagan is a place where sunrises and sunsets are important. Spending 2 nights awakening early in the mornings to capture the dawn and then rest and then go to the sundown.

That' s why Bagan, the place where I am riding a motorbike for the first tim, is something very particular for me. Yes, in this town it is not permitted for tourist to drive motorcycles, so there are electrical bicycles and it can be hired for 5K Kyats per daily. So, it's a good idea to put your textbooks and notes aside, find a nice place to live, rent an e-bike and enjoy Old Bagan!

I' ve got good suggestions where to dine in New Bagan; Royal Cafewith Indian Cuisine, Indian Restaurant, which has a mad Eminem fan-owner and chef, is so good (reserve before departure), Be Kind To Animals The Moon Cafe has good vegetable choices and a very beautiful atmoshere. I' m taking myself to Bagan in Mandalay.

It is only 5 hrs by coach from Bagan to Mandalay. Preferably a door-to-door delivery option (12K Kyats). I' m resting in downtown Mandalay. Next morning the overnight coach passes again. However, before I exit Mandalay, I have to see 1-2 more places. I am a very seasoned traveller and I do not intend my days.

I' m taking the tickets from one of the members of the Taiwans, because the tickets are 10K Kyats. Then I go to Mandalay Hill at sundown. I' m on the overnight coach again. I' m with the non-English speaking Myanmar tribe incl. the rider and the rider.

I' m going to be sleeping in my chair during the commotion around Inle Lake. I am back on the overnight coach after a strenuous journey in Mandalay. I' m with the non-English speaking Myanmar tribe incl. the rider and the rider. I' m going to be sleeping in my chair during the commotion around Inle Lake.

Still not up, I don't know where I am, but I am with a 7-8 citizen of Burma asking me where I am going. There are 3K Kyats for the trip and plus 12K Kyats for the Nationalpark. You can see that there is no problem taking a coach in which humans do not speak the same speech, and also taking a motor taxicab in the midnight.

Well, the Myanmar folk are so dependable. lnle brine is more than nice. Think of a lakefront town. Showering in the water, chasing their staple diet, fishing out of the water and growing their produce on the land they have planted on the area.

It is a real life for the local population to go to the store by boat. We' re coming to some workshop that they do with lotuses, longjee-factoring, making Myanmar tobaccos and cigars, making handmade Myanmar umbrellas and so on.... Everything but the swimming and Kayan women seems to me to be appealing.

There are also anglers on Lake Inle who are very well known. Besides these cruises there is a short walk to Kalaw with one, two or three outings. As I don't have enough spare hours, I only stay here for one and a half working hours and go back to Yangon to attend my course.

Myanmar is a land that is well deserved to be visited, seen and inspire. It is easy to see that 1/3 of the population is either monks or nuns. 1/3 are monks or are not. Because in the course of their lives Myanmar has to be a friar or diurnal nun twice, one before the 7th year of life, another after 20 years.

There is another strange thing in Myanmar that some of the bikes of automobiles are on the right, some of them are on the lefthand side. So, I close my contribution with some information below. You want to go to Myanmar, you can always get in touch with me! You will get a confirmation email within 2 working hours.

As I close my Mynamar travel guidebook, I announce that my Vipassana meditation course will be available soon. To read another article in Myanmar, read the travel guidebook by Digitaltravel Guru!

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