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The purpose of this section is to help you prepare for your trip and give you practical advice on how to make the most of your time in Myanmar. Burma travel information media, Yangon, Myanmar. Burma is a land of ancient religious relics that brought greatness and architectural sophistication. For more tips on travelling in Myanmar, see our complete guide. Are you planning a trip to Myanmar and looking for information about Myanmar Travel?

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Current trip information for Mynamar. Hello, I am sure there is a lot of you who are angry about outdated Myanmar itineraries! Well, I am leaving Myanmar today (March 28, 2015). The first agenda - Myanmar. They' re everywhere, there are some in Yangon and Mandalay airports when you arrive.

All of them are accepting Visa, Visa Plus, Mastercard, Maestro and Cirrcus. The majority of most of the hotel have cash dispensers and all touristic sites have atoms (even atoms inside the SWEDAGON pagoda). So we drove to Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake and were in all these places. Traveling in Myanmar is really simple with many choices and if you want to buy a little more, you can get some luxury coaches ( "lazy" child seat, TV touchscreen, ceilings and snacks).

But I didn't take the rail, because all the natives discouraged it..... You can be sure to ask where they are from (i.e. at a local coach station). You can sometimes take a minibus to meet you at your accommodation and dropped you off at your nearest itinerary. This is the best choice if you can find one.

Burma is unbelievably secure, a great place to go if you are a unique woman-traveller. The natives were our favourite part of our Myanmar days, they made the journey so much better!

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With its 55 million inhabitants, this land has emerged from more than 50 years of dictatorial rule and is developing into a place as dignified as its beloved neighbours. It' secure; you don't have to keep track of your wallet or grab your jewellery. Burma is a land between two continents - Wi-Fi has reached Wi-Fi, but only 10% of the people have a cell Ph.

Notice to this guide: It is not possible to go to Myanmar and not give funds directly to the Myanmar authorities; the airline companies and many of the better properties are affiliated with the state. Encouraging travellers to do their best to help companies that are less dependent on them.

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