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Burma travel information

The purpose of this section is to help you prepare for your trip and give you practical advice on how to make the most of your time in Myanmar. Burma travel information media, Yangon, Myanmar. Burma is a land of ancient religious relics that brought greatness and architectural sophistication. For more tips on travelling in Myanmar, see our complete guide. Are you planning a trip to Myanmar and looking for information about Myanmar Travel?

Important information and advice

Burma is full of kind and supportive individuals. However, it is important to know that due to decade-long external isolations, many day-to-day business and travel will take much longer than elsewhere; some may not be possible at all; and you may have to be tolerant of an obsolete piece of tech and the speed of living in general.

The purpose of this section is to help you get ready for your journey and give you useful tips on how to make the most of your Myanmar year. For more information, click on the link below.

Burma travel guide

Myanmar would hardly have been included in the list of places of dreams years ago, but since the land opened up to the rest of the globe, it has become increasingly sought after as a traveler. As we really didn't know what to expect when we went there, I chose what I had learnt to help other human beings plan their journey.

All in all, Myanmar is a really great place. Visas - You need a Myanmar entry visas. Myanmar has recently started to accept on-line application forms for Eviisa. BRICH THE SUPERIOR brich the superior of anodynesities - whether it is something you need or something you simply like, you should take along separately, because it is not always simple to find medicinal articles or articles of luxury and ease and will sometimes be unbearable.

When there is an object you MUST have or something you simply won't be lucky without, please take a replacement part, just in case. TOUCHS & CHEDIT touchs & chedit chards - Myanmar is beginning to gradually begin accepting it. However, it is not well known. GUARANTEE CASE FOR guarantee case for Money - To keep your invoices in near net shape, you should take a slim purse or suitcase to keep them as new.

However, still be sure to take smaller notes with you, which you can use for tipping and shopping in small stores or restaurants. - Myanmar's waters are not fit for consumption. Also, the three overnight accommodations were really good at giving us additional hot and cold running rinse when we started out for the night, so ask your hotelier for a glass or two before you leave.

Limitted Network and Cell Services - There is no wireless network in Myanmar, so if you need a mobile phone or web services, get a phone number. When you go to Bagan, you have no services even if you buy a locally available Jim. The only way we could survive 5 nights was with incredibly sluggish Wi-Fi in the lobby of the hotels and not at all with mobile phone after all.

religious sites: don't forget to take off your boots (and some socks) - that's the way it is. When you try to use your footwear, you will be asked to either go or go back and take off your footwear. It is a big one and some folks will be quite insulted if you don't follow their cultures and take off their boots before you enter the temple and shrine.

Maybe you should get a torch. U.S. ENGINEERING u.s. engineering PLUG - Every Myanmar overnight stay had U.S. so if you are from the U.S., you don't need an adaptor. When you are not from the USA, please be sure to have a US-plug with you. realigious site dresscode - if you are visiting one of the temple or places of worship, you must wearing a chemise with sleeve (cap sleeve is fine) and longer tors.

It' s insulting for you to go to their places of worship or to go into their temple when you wear something that shows your shoulder or knee (men and women). A few places have cover-ups that you can buy that are easy and have very pretty designs, or you could easily get something to toss on before you go inside.

When you have an asthmatic disorder or respiratory problem, take an additional inthaler and/or whatever else you need to control your state. WEATHTER - Myanmar has three seasons: warm, not too warm and warm & rain. Four-O-Od-Dinner is so inexpensive there. The HOTELS hotels differ. We' ve got a low-rent Yangon for $25 and it was okay, but the whole place stank of cigars.

At Bagan we were paying 25 dollars per day and were satisfied with our hote. TAXI'S - Taxis are quite inexpensive. REPAIR - You can ask your hotels to reserve a coach for you and organize pick-up from or near your accommodation. The MOST SOUVENIR PAINTINGS ACRE FACTORY-MADE, NOT HANDMADE - salesmen like to tell you that all the pictures are handmade, but you will find the same in every theater.

PHOTOTOING PICTURES phototoing pictures. One of the things we found in Myanmar was that many of those you take will ask for funds afterwards, even if you ask first. When we found out what she was angry about, we gave her some cash and she was lucky. soomeone watches your shooes, they explain you to buy something-when you visit temple, you need to take off your sneakers.

Sellers sometimes volunteer to monitor your footwear and when you come back they stress that you are buying something because they monitored your footwear and kept it secure. NEON-MOKING ROOMS neon-moking rooms in the cheaap hotels - Myanmar does not have the same poor vision of tobacco as the USA. Although we had reserved a non-smoking room in Yangon, we ended up with a very smoky room and the reception said that all of their rooms were smelling like we were asking for cloakrooms.

We' found the same answer in all the cheap properties we've called. Only when we got in touch with some of the middle class restaurants could we find a real non-smoking room. In case you really need a non-smoking room, check with the hotelier that there really are non-smoking rooms.

WET BROWNWARE wet brownware - the floor in your building can be quite messy, so if you're in a place where you'll need to take off your boots, you'll probably want to clean your foot before you put your boots and stockings back on. whereasily removed or sturdy sandal - Almost every sanctuary you go to requires you to take off your footwear before you step on, so if you are planning to go to several in a single walk, you will probably want to be wearing slippery and slippery or tevan style sneakers.

When your sensitivity to allergies necessitates medications, make sure you in the event that you have more than one case that the foods on incident. SUN PROTECTION - Myanmar is very light and very hot, so you should take a cap and sun protection. BUY BOUG BRAY - There are always a few bug reports and we couldn't find DEET Debug Aerosol anywhere in a land we went to in Asia, so you'll want to have your own.

BRIING TIME PAPERS briing time papers - Many outside of your hotels have no toiletpaper, so be sure to have some. TRAWLING HANITIZER trawling hanitizer or wets wips - It is very uncommon to find a bath room outside a motel or a lovely place with handsoap, so make sure you have something to wash your palms after using the toilets and before you eat.

AJACKET - With all the talking about how warm Myanmar is, you wouldn't think you needed a coat, but you do. Afterwards, it will heat up quite quickly. If you still have 3-4 hrs time and/or want to do something cheaper, I suggest the circular training.

It is the local passenger between Yangon and the remote towns, giving you a real insight into the lives of Myanmar's citizens. A GET MASSAGING a get massaging - are quite inexpensive and start at $3. 50 for an hours. You' re quite good too.

SHWEDAGON YANGON shwedagon yangon place is astonishing. Sightseeing SULE in YANGON - Besides the Shwedagon is the Sule pitot the other attraction in Yangon. While we were there, there were wives "selling" poultry to free them from Myanmar's army government as a sign of Myanmar's liberty.

When you go to Bagan, you will want to see the sun set on the top of the Shrine. It' quite amazing to see the skies over a ocean of old wards. A BIKE OR CART IN BAGAN - Seriously, it is so much pleasure to explore Bagan on a horse-drawn carriage.

Bicycles are ideal to see the temple near the highway, but you want the carriage to see the temple further away. Rates differ depending on the hotels for bicycle rental and car owners for carriage rent. CIMB MT POPA - Mt Popa is about an hours away from Bagan.

This one is a little unsafe. However, if you do, you can take a warm aerial ballon over the temple of Bagan to observe the sundown. Well, that seems awesome, doesn't it? Boating around the See - It is $2 US$ for 6 persons to take a half days boating around the See to see a clean swimming fair, various buddhistic monasteries, dragons, floating towns and other beautiful places.

They are more than fortunate to give you a trip through their village (for a small charge, of course) and some will even be selling you hand-made rugs, shawls, shirts, sweets, beverages, etc... - Myanmar achieved sovereignty from Britain in 1948 and became an autonomous country until 1962.

All in all, Myanmar is a rather awesome place. It is a cultural experience so special and genuine, and so sincere. Seriously, we had so much pleasure to talk to them and learn more about the state. Were you in Myanmar? So if you are on your way to Myanmar and have any question, please let me know.

There' s no additional charge for you, I just get a small commision from your shopping.

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