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Burma travel information

Burma Travel tips, information and travel tips to improve your travel experience in Myanmar. Burma Where to go and what to do in Myanmar. The following section contains travel information for planning a trip to Myanmar. Kawthaung Border Pass Tour Kawthaung, formerly called Victoria Point, is the southernmost city of Myanmar.

Burma travel information

You will need a proper Myanmar entry permit. Myanmar's localization is the Kyat (MMK) (pronounced âchatâ). As of the date of this letter, the foreign rate is approximately US$1=MMK1300. You' ll get a slightly better rates for bigger denominations ($100 and more). Rates are similar in most places except Yangon Aiport.

We use Kyat for beverages, gratuities and shopping. In Kyat, please verify the currency rates for payment by bill of exchange. In Kyat, please note the following Myanmar's bank environment is now shifting. We now accept Visa and Mastercard in many places, but please make sure there is no upcharge.

The new wireless network in Myanmar works on the same frequency as your cell and your phones should work in most parts of Myanmar that you are likely to use. When calling from your room, first review the rate: some of our properties are very costly for calling internationally.

Thieves may be operating in a market or in overcrowded areas. Taxi's can be of bad standard and rates should always be agreed before travel. In Myanmar the weather is sunny, solar protection is indispensable and a helmet is recommended. It has a lot of light and we recommend using a helmet.

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Travelers to Myanmar needed a visas. Any Myanmar embassy can obtain a 28-day touristic permit. They can also request eVisa on-line through the website of the Ministry of Immigration and Population of Myanmar. So if you enter Myanmar via other marinas, you will need to obtain a Myanmar travel document with a Myanmar travel document before arriving at the marina.

For most Mergui Archipelago travelers a zone-specific permit is issued upon arriving in Kawthaung (Myanmar), which is only available within the Mergui Arcipelago area. If, after traveling in the Mergui Archipelago, these travelers plan to travel to another travel location outside the area, they will require a Myanmar travel permit which will be issued for travel in all non-restricted areas of Myanmar.

Passengers must have a traveler' s identity card which must be in force at least 6 month after their journey in Myanmar. It is the responsibility of each customer to take out appropriate travel insurances before taking part in our itineraries. We recommend your health insurer to offer full cover specifically for the adventurous trips you participate in, as well as for your own luggage, accident and health care (medical evacuation, which includes chopper rescues and emergencies, is strongly advised for Myanmar Himalaya and Mergui Archipelago because of the seclusion of these regions).

U.S. dollars and euros denominated currencies are acceptable in Myanmar. It is recommended that you take crunchy banknotes with you. Old, ripped and crumpled foreigncurrency bills, especially US$ bills, are not acceptable in most places in Myanmar. It is denominated in Myanmar Kyat (MMK) with an average conversion of 1 US dollar to about 1,000 MMK.

Payout limit is 300,000Kyats per payout and the Myanmar merchant charges 5,000Kyats per payout, regardless of the payout amount. You will also find many bank tellers, some travel agencies and independently owned licenced change machines that can offer much better value than a hotel.

There are three distinct tourist periods in Myanmar. Best time to come to Myanmar is between November and February, when temperatures are colder and mild in most parts of Myanmar. Though Myanmar's climates are mainly tropic, meteorological patterns vary from area to area. Generally it is much colder in the mountain and hill, warm and drier in the lowlands of Centrally Myanmar, usually warm and moist all year round in Lower Myanmar.

While temperatures in the Mergui Archipelago in Myanmar's south tip are temperate all year round, some of Myanmar's Himalayan summits such as Hkakabo Razi Mountain in Myanmar's north tip can be clouded with snows and icy all year round.

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