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Advice and tips on the best sights in Myanmar. Click on this link for current prices and to book your stay. We have compiled a list of the best travel guides and interesting books about Myanmar. Rough Guide has current prices, ATM details, evisas. Travel with a guide to plan your dream holiday in Myanmar!

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Who can give me the best and most up-to-date guidebook on traveling in Myanmar? Tool`s Blueprint Guidebook has great GPS charts, it is definitely a good idea to buy them just for this purpose, but you will probably have to make a journey to Bangkok to get one. When you need the latest LP manual, the least expensive place to get your hand on it is Amazon.

Tools4fools it is definitely a good idea to buy, because there are more GH listed - good brief instructions on what to see and how to use it. I have this in my pocket and not on the LP because it does what it's supposed to do as a tour leader, it gives you some information about the external placement & then as a traveler you have to do the footwork & choose for yourself, I've seen so many folks whose heads are in an LP leader, I'm sure they almost forgot what it is to make their own pick.

Aunty Mable' s Inn in Bagan doesn't really want to know that she has sticky flower wallpapers & that her beans quark & pudding cake is stoodgy & taste of old steamed traveler stockings, as a traveler I think I want to find out these things for myself & deciding whether I like it or not......after all the LP is usually made by a single traveler who gives his own interpretation & taste, they are certainly not mine!

The latest LP-Advisor from 2009 (bought for about 5$ in Thailand) and I found it very useful. My trip to Burma was one of the best I have ever had. Though I found that the new issue is some of the past with some mistakes in which areas had probably not been attended & the information is obsolete, but things are changing & no one is perfect as long as you dont discuss it like a scripture it is a good leader.

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