Myanmar Travel Guide

Burma travel guide

The Myanmar Travel Guide Myanmar has three seasons. Receive the best advice on Myanmar you have ever had, including activities, travel planning and other interesting topics. The Myanmar Travel Guide and travel tips will help you decide where to go, what to see and where to stay. Guidebook with useful tips for travelers who want to visit Myanmar. As Myanmar's (formerly Burmese) government is giving its people more freedom, now is the time to visit this jewel of Asia.

All about Myanmar | Planning your holiday in Myanmar

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Receive a stunning panoramic tour of the Bagan Temple from a warm aerials! Gold-plated Buddhas and gold Stupas, lush jungles and butterscotch sand, Myanmar has both a turbulent past and a feeling of serenity. In order to leave the footpath, you can enjoy everyday activities at the Hledan Fair or walk along the beach promenades by Lake Kandawgyi.

Entering the old kingdom of Myanmar near Bagan, where the main levels are dotted with thousand of gold-plated stupa. In a motor boat, you' ll discover the great skill of paddling or puttering along the shore of the water to visit the market and see stalked communities with swimming pools. Swimming along the riverbank for up to a whole weekend is a great way to move between riverside cities and country communities as Myanmar's day-to-day lives pass by.

Enjoy sailing on a government owned yacht with natives and living hens or travelling in comfort on a luxurious cruiser. Seat on board and search for dolphins and spot spotted sharks as you slide past thick jungles and leafy rice fields. Myanmar's last cultural capitol, the area' s extensive cultural heritage is a great place to go shopping for woodcarvings, casting and embroideries before visiting the Buddha Temple and the Teaak Convent of Shwenandaw.

Return to the town, ascend Mandalay Hill at sundown, pause at the shrine on the way up and enjoy the views from the cloakroom.

Burma travel guide

Myanmar, known as the "Golden Land", is a tempting traveler. Truncated from the outside for a long time of self-imposed segregation, the land formerly known as Burma seldom loses its charm to today's people. Especially luxurious tourists have a firm place in such favourite places as the temple-rich Bagan and the quiet Inle Lake, but also in some less well-known places.

However, Myanmar, with its kaleidoscopical mixture of ethnic groups and tradition, has remained lovably unaltered in comparison to the region's neighboring states. And even the largest town, Yangon, with its condominiums and a widening choice of pubs, has an old fashioned map. As Myanmar continues to open to the public, now is the ideal moment to try its exhilarating and unique offers.

Choosing the best timing is crucial in Myanmar, where the climate is usually more severe than in other parts of the world. Postmonsoon windows between November and February are arid and chilly and are the best times to spend most of Myanmar. Between March and May the land gets really warm and travelling can be very unpleasant.

Though there are now several open frontiers between Thailand and Myanmar, the overwhelming bulk of tourists come into the Dominican Republic either via Yangon or Mandalay. If you are flying to Myanmar from outside the area, the least expensive way is to go to a local airport like Bangkok or Singapore and then catch a connection to Yangon or Mandalay.

As much of the land is still taboo for overseas visits due to the continuing ethnical strife, it is necessary to plan ahead for a visit to Myanmar. The best way to get to larger domestic airports is to travel inland. Taxi's are inexpensive and abundant in Yangon, but be warned: Urban transport is reliable, frightening and shorter trips can take a long timeframe, especially during rush hour.

Myanmar cooking is based on technologies from neighbouring states such as India, Thailand, China and Bangladesh and is a mixture of factors that vary greatly from area to area. Lettuce is a characteristic of Myanmar cooking. Some of the best places to taste the delicacies of Myanmar cooking are touristic centres such as Yangon and Inle Lake, where more sophisticated locations offer more modest but still desired choices.

Myanmar's culture is closely interwoven with the wealth of the country's intellectual structure. It is believed that 89% of the people practice Buddhism and the land is dotted with elaborate palagodas and breathtaking temples. It is known for its handicrafts, which are also strongly marked by Buddhism.

Yangon, the country's largest town, is the best place to experience Myanmar's vibrant cultural heritage, with a host of advanced arts and entertainment centres, as well as a variety of local and international artists' studios, libraries, museums and DJs. Myanmar's colourful and vibrant celebrations are built around the moon calender and can really enrich your journey if they are coincident.

In November, the Fire Balloon Festival takes place in Taunggyi, just south of Lake Inle. The New Year festivities in Shan State, one of the most ethnic varied areas of the state, are also notable. The cover of the land (especially outside Yangon and Mandalay) is still restricted and the speed is still sketchy and sluggish even in the large conurbations.

Now there are many ATM machines in Yangon and other large conurbations, so there is less of a problem with accessing the ATM. Holidays are scarce and can be costly for what they are. Failure to make your pre-booked preference choices may force you to use the quota to cover something inferior.

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