Myanmar Travel Guide 2016

Burma travel guide 2016

Myanmar travel guide, including map of Myanmar, top Burma travel experiences, tips for traveling in Myanmar, and where to see the most breathtaking temples of Bagan. Added on April 23, 2016. Myanmar travel guide Burma. A photo essay through Burma and an insight into Myanmar beyond the travel guide. I would like my opinion on the Myanmar travel guide.

Please find below a list of cities that you can fly to or from Yangon (as of July 2016).

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An exhaustive guide through the land

A land of fascinating heritage and traditions, Myanmar is becoming a very much loved traveler. There is much to study and explore with old shrines and palagodas, unspoilt countryside and an aspiring civilization that is gradually opening up to the contemporary age. By 2015, this former Burma had chosen its first democratic administration in over half a hundred years and opened its gates to the tourist industry.

Burma uses 230V/50Hz and has two different kinds of outlets that are popular. In order to prevent the trouble of having to buy new adaptors everywhere, we advise you to get a Universal Travel Adapter before your departure. If you have a current pass, you should have no problem getting to Myanmar by road or overland.

You can also obtain a Myanmar Ambassador in Bangkok (same date or next date collection service). In general, travelling in Myanmar is fairly secure, with little to no force or minor criminality against foreign nationals. The general travelling advice of the goverment discourages any travelling to parts of Rakhine, Shan and Kachin.

Whilst Myanmar's tourist areas are untouched by these riots, there are still misunderstandings about the ethic behind the plan to visit Myanmar in the face of the riots. Because of our years of travelling around the globe, we would never go away from home without our own holiday insurances. It is recommended to go with them.

Whilst the primary Myanmar dialect is Myanmarese, there are still about 100 other generalizations. Considering the fact that the state has opened its door to other nation states in recent years, the English levels among the natives are not the same as when travelling to other South East Asiatic states.

One of the most beloved celebrations is the Thursday, which is usually held from April 13 to 16. You can find more information on travelling in Myanmar in our full travel guides. Myanmar can be visited all year round because of its tropic weather.

Try not to come to Myanmar from June to September. Myanmar is the best place to be from November to February, as it is not too warm to wander around due to the cold season. For a more in-depth tour itinerary, we have the best days for a Myanmar tour by city.

In general, Myanmar is an accessible place to travel....although not the least expensive in comparison to Cambodia and Thailand. With a $30-35 a days household, it's quite good and will provide everything from simple lodging, meals and transportation. Several years ago, it was quite complicated to find an ATM, but today, you can find it in the capitals, however the ATM charges of $3. 50-9 per transaction are quite steep. ├┐This is the most expensive ATM in the world.

Whilst we usually recommend the use of a tour and sight-seeing, it is sometimes better to let a tour leader show you around to give you the inside information. To learn more about Myanmar travelling cost, see below, is a general cost per capita breakdown: As Myanmar is a typical hot and humid place, it is a good idea to bring some lightweight, quick-drying clothes.

The other thing to keep in minds is that the alien influences and cultures are very new and that the Burmese are traditional conservatives, so make sure you do not insult anyone by using scarce clothes, especially in places of adoration. It is always advisable to cover your knee and shoulder when you visit a temple or pagoda.

Please read our Myanmar Packaging List Guide for a more complete description of what you should have. Having travelled through this area for almost 3 years, we have the packaging industry under control. As Mandalay has a lot to do, there are a few high points and a must: climb Mandalay Hill, visit the bow-leg bridge or visit the many churches and palaces in the area.

Whilst many group refrain from this because of their fund if you person the medium of exchange, I suggest deed for it, as it really is one case in a time period content. Watch the cloud dissolve as you see a few other hot air balloons floating above the skies as you look at the old churches and remains around you.

Driving a balloon is definitely one of the best things you can do in Baganand, which we can do. A hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake is one of the most intriguing things in Myanmar. It is not only the scenery that is beautiful, but also the natives you encounter along the way that make it worth walking from one town to another.

As well as discovering the towns of Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake, a journey to Yangon is also something most travellers do to see the Shwedagon Pagoda, which is one of the country's most beloved places of worship. There are other activities in Yangon, such as a ride on the commuter railway and a visit to the many fine arts museums that open in the town.

One of the high points of any trip to Myanmar is of course the sun rise over the temple in Bagan. Whether you want to see the sun rise from a warm aerial ballon or just from the many vantage points, this adventure is magical and I suggest you do it in Myanmar.

When you are puzzled about which temple to go to, take a look at our in-depth tour of the best in Bagan. For other activities in Myanmar, see our Myanmar Buckets Directory and our two-week Myanmar Travel Plan, which will take you through the best things to see and do in the area.

Whilst there are many towns and settlements in Myanmar, some folks also choose to explore the coast and some unspoilt shores of Myanmar. In comparison to other Southeast Asian cuisines, Burma's cuisine is completely underestimated. Here are some of my favourite meals you should try in Myanmar.

It' probably my favourite Myanmar meal. Myanmar Curry: Somewhat more bland than India and much more similar to Sri Lanka's saucier. Meeshay: This pasta and meat speciality of the Shan from the east of Myanmar.

As Myanmar's tourist industry is just beginning to flourish, shelters, pensions and hotel accommodation are appearing on both sides. When you travel in high seasons or on public holiday, it is best to reserve your accommodation in time. Web site like, Agoda or Hostel World are well-received. In order to help you plan your journey, we have suggested some of the best accommodation in Myanmar.

Below are our individual suggestions for accommodation suitable for all budgets. You' ll find here some of our top pickups, from inexpensive and entertaining guesthouses to luxury properties.

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