Myanmar Travel Guide 2016

Burma travel guide 2016

Learn your'Myanmar 101' quickly with a current travel guide: This Myanmar travel guide provides you with information that will be up-to-date from 2016 and will give you the facts on the spot. Helpul local tips for exploring Myanmar travel guide. WOMAN: A Guide To Plan Your Trip To Myanmar. 30 May 2016 / 2895 View.

Myanmar Travel Guide

Myanmar has been experiencing a boom in tourist activity in recent years, although it opened its gates in the 1990s. Tourist ripples romp around the nation, from 268,000 in 2010 to over 1. Three million in 2015 according to Myanmar Tourist Board figures. Compared to my first trip in mid 2015 and the end of 2016, the state has undergone dramatic development.

Burma uses two currencies: Burmese Kyats for daily use and US dollars for higher shopping or in the hotel. As the increase in the number of visitors to the countryside, it was only the last few years that cash machines began to make a joint appearance in the big towns. Previously, you had to contribute your whole dollar budgets and turn them into Burmese Kyats in the state.

There are no problems with Kyats on the other side. Many of the people living in downtown Yangon have a good knowledge of English and are very interested in practicing English. Myanmar can be explored in several ways, the most frequent being by coach. Navigation on Myanmar National Airlines, Myanmar Airways International or other Myanmar web sites can be difficult.

It would be the simplest way to hire a travel agency to organize your flight. For two weeks I traveled from Yangon to Bagan, then on to Kalaw, the start of a 3-day and 2-day hike to Inle Lake and then to Mandalay. I used to travel by bus.

Myanmar's biggest town and the point of departure for most trips to the countryside. Its most noteworthy feature is the Shwedagon Pagoda. The Yangon provides an overview of its colorful past on a walk through Pansodan Street and the country's rise into modernization. In order to get away from the hurly-burly of the town, it is simple to take the Circle Line to the edge of town.

Learn more about what to do in Yangon in this Off the Beaten Path Guide. From 2016 a 3-day ticket to the Bagan Archaeological Zone will be 20 USD. You can discover the antique town in various ways: by bicycle (e-bike), by hired rider or on feet. At Inle Lake there are several plants that have been constructed on piles above the sea.

The Cheroot is a unique Myanmar handmade cigarette stuffed with tabacco. Typical are tasteless, but Inle Lake is characterized by its flavored cherries. The most commonly used are licorice flavored stars aniseeded. Lake Inle is easy to reach by bike. It is a busy town very similar in evolution to its equivalent, Yangon.

It is the former imperial capitol of northern Burma. Once totally devastated during the Second World War, the Mandalay building has now regained its former splendour. Constructed in Burma by the last Myanmar Empire in Burma traditionally. Situated in the center of the town, this building is encircled by high ramparts and a ditch.

Mandalay has numerous places of worship to offer, but there are many sights on the edge of the town. There are several old towns spread out of the town that are definitely deserving a stop. Just outside Mandalay is the U-Bein BrĂ¼cke, the oldest and longest (1.2 km) teak wooden footbridge in the canal.

Above towns are ordinary towns visited by travelers. Myanmar has many more places to visit than it has to show. Below you will find a cooperation with other travel blogs. The Hpa-An is near the Thai-Myanmar frontier. When you cross the land, it can either be the first or last stop through this great land.

There is not much to see in the city center, but the marvels of Hpa-An are on the edge of the city, where you can see some of Asia's most stunning landscapes. More about Bianca's trips can be found here. Burma's main city was relocated from Yangon to Naypyidaw in 2005.

In contrast to most other cities in Myanmar, the country's capitol has robust power and high-speed access to the web. It is a governmental town, primarily intended for employees of the state. There was an anticipation that the transfer of the authorities to the German capitol would cause huge crowds of visitors, but this was not the case.

Most of the multi-lane motorways through the town are empty. Contemporary architecture and an almost deserted atmosphere make you lose track of which land you are in. I travelled to the Golden Rock as a real gem of my Myanmar tour. I took a 5 hour coach journey from Yangon to the foot of the hill.

A few make this a full-time excursion, either from Yangon or Bago, but I spent the night on the hills. It is a huge cliff coated in a layer of gilded metal with a gilded peak above, suspended on another one. It is said that the stones remain in place because the stone is poised on a few cords of Buddha's hairdry.

More of Erin's journeys can be found here. Burma is a wonderful land with so much historical and astonishing attractions. Aside from Yangon and Mandalay you are in the landscape of Burma and observe everyday living away from the busy city. All I ask is that you come to Myanmar to see for yourself before it is too far advanced and while it is still all yours.

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