Myanmar Travel Guide 2015

Burma travel guide 2015

The Myanmar government announced an e-visa program for tourist visas on September 1, 2014. It will be held on 25 November 2015. Here are 10 things you won't read about in the average Myanmar guide! Burma in February 2014 for 16 days. BACKPACKERS GUIDE TO SOUTHEAST ASIA 2017-2018.

Allow the journey to the Golden Land to begin: Myanmar travel guide

The 45-minute flights from Bangkok (BKK) to Yangon (RGN) I hardly overslept for commotion. Everything began with pictures of hotshots that fly over the plain of Bagan. I' m in Myanmar, the Golden Land at last. Here is a complete Myanmar tour guidebook to help you organize your itinerary!

Burma (Republic of the Union of Myanmar), formerly known as Burma, is situated next to Thailand, Laos, Bangladesh, China and India. It is a new town with state-of-the-art facilities in Central Myanmar. Formerly the main town was Yangon, the biggest town in Myanmar, which is still the trading capitol.

We are Filipinos and are permitted to be in Myanmar for 14 consecutive nights without a validĀ permit. If we want to renew, we need to get a 28-day visas. The majority of nationals need a Myanmar entry permit. From Bangkok, you can submit your application to the Embassy of Myanmar at 132 Sathon Nua Road.

The cost of the visas depends on how many nights before your departure you request your visas. The visas are only effective within 90 day after you have obtained your visas. It is also possible to obtain the visas on-line or by e-visa, but this is more costly than the application at the host city.

Click here for more information on Myanmar Tourism Visas and to find out if you need a Myanmar Tourism Visas. When you are in low seasons, you should be aware of the abrupt changes in the air that can impact your itinerary. The Yangon is more susceptible to rains than the Mandalay.

I' d converted my bucks in Super Rich Bangkok into untouched (just tell the desk it's for Myanmar). When I was paying for my entry into Bagan, I got a dollar cash float in not so good a state. There are no significant differences in the prices of the coin changer at the Yangon and at the Aiport.

Admission prices must be paid before you enter some of Myanmar's attractions. You can find the entry and zonal charges under thisĀ links. Burma is gradually gaining ground with its Asiatic neighbours. By the time I went there in 2015, there were already 3 cell phone providers: Myanmar's web was previously unknown, but now guest houses have it and thanks to the 3 wireless operators you can have the web wherever there is a wireless beacon.

To Myanmar, the quickest and most comfortable way is by plane. There are many airline companies flying directly to Yangon (RGN), Mandalay (MDL) and Naypyidaw (NYT). Some of the most frequent flyers come from Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam and Singapore. Tigers are some of the low-cost carriers offering non-stop services to Myanmar.

When you plan to cross the country boundary, you should always look for patches. Internal air travel is quite costly, so most travellers use overland. The most popular touristic destinations (Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan, Mandalay) have either exclusive or exclusive coaches. This is a precautionary statement, but I found in the guidebooks that you should not ask the coachman when you will be there.

Travelling by rail in Myanmar is another one. However, it gives you the opportunity to blend in with the local population and has a more genuine transport expertise. Horsedrawn coaches, motorcycles, trishaw's, small boots and pick-up coaches are the other means of transport I have seen and tried in Myanmar. Please click here to see room prices and availability:

I' ve been used to welcoming local communities, but the Burmese have really set themselves apart from my travelling world. The most travellers are visiting Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and the Golden Rock (Kyaiktiyo). Ngwesaung is situated on the west shore of the Bay of Bengal only 4 to 6 hrs from Yangon for those who love beaches.

If you are a lover of the outdoors, you can explore Lake Inya and Lake Kandawgyi in Yangon. Lake Inle is famous for its swimming communities and the Intha fishers who row their vessels with one foot. Bagan, the antique town, is home to several thousand magnificent churches on a wide area. It is said that the best way to see a dawn in Bagan is to take a ride in a warm aeroplane, which is quite high.

Innwa, Tagaing and Amarapura are the most frequented in Mandalay. It is a busy capital, more contemporary than Yangon, dotted with places of historic and faith. Although not as much as Indian, Thai and China cuisines, you will still be leaving Myanmar with a meal you enjoyed. Here is my 10-day trip through Myanmar (September 2015):

A walk through the city: Journey in a responsible and open manner. So much as possible, I urge you not to journey in luxury to make a more genuine one. And, as those who have said before, it is best to go to Myanmar now before it is succumbed to modernisation and massive tourist flows.

Were you in Myanmar? What was your experiance?

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