Myanmar Travel Experience

Burma Travel Experience

I've had some of my favorite travel experiences so far. Burma is an amazing travel experience and we loved every second. "Myanmar is still quite closed from the rest of the world. Talk to Jade, our travel designer. People in Myanmar are incredibly friendly and welcoming.

Cause you' re going to like this journey

From Yangon to Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay, experience Myanmar's magic. Burma is a land of profound and intriguing cultures. Starting and ending in Yangon, you' ll find the sacred weight of the Shwedagon Pagoda, travel through Bagan and its thousand of Pagoda, traverse the world's longest trek overbridge near Mandalay and live on Inle Lake, where swimming market, fishing and ethnical minority groups are a delight.

Due to the decrease in tourist activity, we are unfortunately no longer able to provide our latest travel offers in all directions in Myanmar. Other Myanmar tours in original or comfort look at our Best of Myanmar (TTSM), Myanmar Highlights (TRSH) or Classic Myanmar (TTKA) tours.

Begin and end your exploration of Myanmar in the unbelievable Yangon, which is evolving fast, but still full of wonderful palagodas, amazing huge Buddhas and innumerable historic Sights. You have many ways to get in contact with your free times with your fellow human beings and your family. Explore our urban adventures in Yangon, Bagan or Mandalay for riverside trips, post darkness exploration, regional cuisine and church outings.

Visit the antique town of Bagan by bike or hover high above the stupa show in a warm aeroplane. Wake up through the Kalaw countryside and get to know the Myanmar people. Lose yourself in the Inle Lake swimming market and meet the many different races that call this place home - a true Myanmar adventure.

Burma is a large nation with a growing population. Attempts are made to overcome long distance in a relatively brief period of inconvenience, so we are expecting some long journeys when we are travelling between locations. Although not exhausting, the whole hiking tour in Kalaw requires a good general physical condition and the bringing of suitable shoes for hiking in the outdoors.

It gives you a lot of free travel in any place, ideal for the traveler who values a little autonomy. Myanmar's temperature can be warm and moist all year round. Myanmar. Welcome to Myanmar. It is possible to come at any hour of the morning as there are no scheduled events until this important event.

When you have a little bit of free space to get to know Yangon before the event, we suggest you go to the messy highways. Yangon, once the main town of Myanmar, is still the largest one. When you have the whole free days, you should book an Urban Adventure to see more of the town with an expertly trained locals guidebay.

Or, at your own speed, visit places like busy Bogyoke Market and tranquil Kandawgyi Lake. When you cannot book a plane to your destination in good season, you should come one full working days earlier so that you can participate.

Take the Yangon to Bagan shuttle service (about 10 hours). Arrival in Bagan in the evenings and check-in at your hotels. After a long journey, extend your feet by finding Bagan's best lapheth (tea leaf salad) or morning noodles in a local foodhop. Spend an entire free afternoon exploring the sights of Bagan.

This archeological site is the place where Theravada Buddhism was established in the Kingdom of Bagan and where once stood 10,000 churches, palagodas and cloisters. Today the antique town still has over 2,000 bricks and gold-plated remains and is a breathtaking sights. Many travelers would like to take an option hot-air baloon trip across the site for the dawn today or in the morning.

It lasts about 2.5 hrs, with flight time averaging 45 min (1 to 20 min depending on the location). Have another free days to see everything Bagan has to show for yourself. Explore Nyaung U Market and try some of the locals' eating stands, or rent a bike and explore the many large and stunning archeological places and monuments around Bagan, such as Dhammayangyi Pahto and Shwesandaw Paya.

In Kyunkalay you can also take your meals with a community member and experience how ActionAid Myanmar uses sustainable agriculture to enhance community amenities and livelihood. Take a shuttle before sunrise and drive up the Ayeyarwady River to Mandalay.

You will probably be spending most of the afternoon on board and watch the river bank live, a great way to see it. Arrival in Mandalay at 5:30 pm and shuttle to a basic resort where you will stay for the next two-night. Accompany your group guide on a half-day hike through Mandalay.

Formerly known as the Gold Town, Mandalay was the last capitol of the former Kingdom of Myanmar. In the afternoons, you are free to explore this astonishing town. Maybe you will see the town by minibus or coach to Mahamuni Buddha Temple, an important place of worship renowned for its 2000 year old gold Buddha-stitue.

At night you may be able to drive to Mandalay Hill for a sundown over the city, or attend a puppet or dancing show at the Mandalay Puppet or Mintha Theatre. Get on this early and take the public transport to Kalaw along the Great Road of China - the new Chinese highway (about 8 hours).

A welcome alleviation from the scorching Myanmar region, it is home to several indigenous minorities, such as the Palaung, Danu and Pa-O, and Indians and Nepalese who migrated here during the UK hegemony. They stop for a plain meal in one of these towns.

Have some free mornings to see other attractions of Kalaw, among them more picturesque Buddha Schools and the village school. After lunch take the coach to Lake Inle for about three afternoons. Inle Lake's tranquil water is the lifeblood of many nationalities.

You may take a cruise on the water to see the swimming fair that circumnavigates the water every five nights and meet the different tribes that meet in the fair. Spend a free time at Inle See. You will take a one-hour return to Yangon from here.

Once you have settled into your accommodation, your guide will take you on an afternoons walk through Yangon city centre. Maybe you' re celebrating your last evening in Myanmar with a group meal. You' re going to end your journey this mornin' and you can leave at any moment. When you have some free space in Yangon before you leave, your guide can suggest some things.

You can also make reservations at our Basix Yangon hotels when you make your first travel arrangements. Currently there are no planned sailings on our Myanmar Experience itinerary. For other excursions in the area, please click on one of the following routes. When making your reservation, please give your personal data with the precise name according to your travel document, as this is indispensable for the reservation of your travel service.

Cancellation of the boat from Bagan to Mandalay is possible due to changes in the Ayeyarwady River (usually February to May) and when there are fewer visitors in the low seasons (April to September). In this case the group drives on the highway from Bagan to Mandalay (approx. 5 hours).

At Intrepid you can choose an option to fly over the Bagan (October to March). Because of the declining tourist industry, we are unfortunately no longer able to provide our latest travel offers in all directions in Myanmar. Other Myanmar tours in original or comfort look at our Best of Myanmar (TTSM), Myanmar Highlights (TRSH) or Classic Myanmar (TTKA) tours.

Myanmar experience tours averaged 4.85 out of 5, up from 248 ratings last year. We've done and seen things we couldn't have done on our own. Really, there are advantages for group tours (new for us).

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