Myanmar Travel Experience

Burma Travel Experience

Encountering and mixing with them is often a highlight of the trip to Myanmar. Discover our best services and travel to Myanmar in style. Her Myanmar travel experience would be incomplete without trying it! These are some tips for a real local experience. Designed to highlight the sights of Myanmar.

Myanmar: our own experience with many travel related issues - Myanmar Forum

and we travelled for nine whole nights. I had an 18-day travel permit from the moment I sent it to Washington D.C. until I got it back. As we got off the airplane in Yangon, I went to the exchange rate slot at the airfield and immediately changed $300 US to Kyat.

There were a few very easily used $100 notes with me that I wanted to trade in with a brandnew one and they wouldn't take the used notes. I' ve also had this experience when I tried to use a few easily used US $1 notes, and they were denied, although other travellers said that you didn't have so many issues with lower face value invoices.

All I can tell you is my own experience with the exchange. As all my rooms and airfares in the land were paid in advance through a travel agent, I only paid for food, gratuities and memorabilia. As the biggest bill I have ever seen was 5,000, we always had many invoices, as other travellers claim.

It is probably best to seek guidance from experienced Myanmar travellers, but here is what we have done: Usually I would ask our leaders what they should do. They usually said if there was no processing fee, it would be okay to make a little difference, but I shouldn't be feeling like I had to do it.

They seemed very grateful to me for leaving even a small amount behind in a few small restaurant. Fuehrer said it was okay to let 8000K, which led to a 100 Kyat peak. and when I said it was all right, he seemed very grateful.

To our guides: From what I have learned from TA, it seems that there is more toppling. I' ve been tippin' our leaders $20 a dime. I would have tip $40 if we had a leader for two nights. When we had one for the ½ tag, I would tip $10. Leaders and riders leaned backwards to make sure every single one of the situations met our expectations.

I' ve also given some of our riders $10 tips, although I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do or not. On one occasion I tip the chauffeur, and when I tip the chauffeur, I tell him I took good charge of the chauffeur, and he says that there is no need for him to take that chuck.

I wasn't sure if he and the rider were exactly the best friends, so maybe he just didn't want the rider to get a tip. Inle Sea Guide: and I gave $50 tip. So I tip our boater $10 for two nights. When I asked the skipper what I should do for the bosun, they said: "Do what you want, but I always have the feeling that the skipper keeps us safe".

I had the impression that the skipper might have given the skipper something out of his own pocket, but I still gave the bosun a tip. I' ve never tip a cabbie before. After a few days in Yangon, the price was always agreed in anticipation.

A travel agency: We' ve only had nine whole rural day and we wanted to see a great deal. We both ( "My Sohn and I") can be very impartial travellers, but Myanamar is a land with so much that we have both arranged to use a travel agent to fix the hotel, travel guide and timetable was the best we have done.

and they were very accessible. Eating: I used to love eating in Myanmar. Whilst many folks disagreed with me, I was advised by some leaders and some folks living there not to consume the meals on the streets because of the possibility of getting sickened.

We' dined in several of our own regional restaurant-especially at Lake Inle-and never had any trouble. Some of the restaurant seemed a bit insecure, but I took the keyword from our tour leaders and everything was great. At Yangon, while we were alone, we selected a few of the Lonely Planet travel guidebooks.

From Parkroyal in Yangon, Tharabar Gate in Bagan, Hotel on the Red Canal in Mandalay, Popa Mt. resorts in Mt. Popa, Pristine Lotus Spa on Lake Inle and back to Parkroyal in Yangon. She was mainly wearing fast-drying, light travel clothes that dry over night. Journey between the cities: He flew from Yangon to Bagan.

He flew from Mandalay to Lake Inle and back to Yangon. Various leaders with a plaque with our name were at every airfield when we got there. It was Santa Maria who had taken charge of all the flying detail. When we got to Yangon, we got our package of travel papers. When you have a little while in Yangon, try walking around Lake Kandawgyi in the mornings.

As other travellers have said, the web is very doubtful. You also have to rival other travellers. The only way I could have travelled was with my notebook. Burma is a photographers' haven and I was often envious of the gear they had, but happy I didn't have to wear it.

I' ve always asked the guidebook when it's okay to take pictures of someone and take our queues from the guidebook. We' ve both travelled a great deal around the globe and never felt more secure than in Myanmar.

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