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Burma Destinations

Myanmar's best trekking destinations are here. Burma Tourist Places Burma boasts an unprecedented diversity of unspoilt scenery, from the unspoilt Bengal Gulf tropic shores to the Himalayan spurs, from the Bucolian Inle Lake countryside to small isolated outcrops. Visit the busy towns and explore the beauties of extraordinary places, the singular ambience of the old towns and the secret jewels of genuine towns.

This is where you can find the most important travel sites in Myanmar. It' probably a must for travellers who want to experience the mystical charms of Myanmar to take a trip through the Big Four: Yangon, Inle Lake, Bagan and Mandalay. Often overlooked by many travellers, the south of Myanmar has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

Travelers will find a wide range of experiences in these secluded parts of Myanmar, from the tragic and unspoilt north to the gorgeous Shan Mountains to the west.

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Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a country full of traditions and fascinating landscapes. Despite many changes in recent times, Myanmar still keeps much of its basic and rustic way of life. Myanmar is home to 100 different ethnic groups, couples, fairs, friendly natives and exciting adventures and is a fast expanding tourist area.

Due to the long tradition of Myanmar's long tradition of insularity, Myanmar's cuisine is relatively new. Burma has many local courts, as the land is made up of many ethnic groups. As in most Asiatic coutries, rice is a diet. In contrast to neighbouring nations such as Thailand and India, Burma's cuisine concentrates more on powerful, hot flavours than on savoury or saucy.

Mohinga - It's a famous Myanmar morning meal. Surprisingly, Myanmar style is softer than Thailand's or India's savoury ones, making it the ideal choice for those who don't like hot food. Myanmar's tranquil sea of swamps, swimming pools, marketplaces and historic remains is a must for travellers to fell in fond of Inle lake.

It is an important spring for fishing and products for the area. It is also populated by many different strains. TANDALAY HOUND - At the top of the 230m high hillside, travellers can be surprised by a breathtaking townview. It is also full of palagodas and cloisters.

This place will remain a significant part of Burmese Buddhism. Most of the way up, many tourists are enjoying the beautiful views of the hillside, which is a worthwhile reward. Yangon, Myanmar's main city, is the centre of the city. Though the night life is not as big as other great places, the Burmese are funny places to drink and listen to local food and there are many pubs and nightclubs for different kinds of travellers.

There are karaoke, shows and folk shows to be enjoyed. Myanmar's money is Kyoto. Myanmar is the country's main foreign tongue, and it is widely used. Burmese, Austrian-Asian, Tai-Kadai, Indo-Germanic, Austronesian and Hmong-Mien. They have a strong Buddhist and monastic heritage.

Recently they have been affected by Britain and Westernisation. Because they are so strongly affected by Buddhism, it is no wonder that no one is knocked on the skull.

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