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Burma Destinations

Myanmar's top destinations. Schedule your trip to Myanmar with our ultimate reference from Top Myanmar Travel Destinations. But at the moment there are some problems in Myanmar that affect tourism. So where do you want to go in Myanmar?

Bagan's magic has been inspiring Myanmar's people for almost 1000 years. The city is full of old architectural heritage and remains.

Luxurious hotels, moderate hotels and economy hotels are available for your accomodation in Bagan. Complete facilities and service are offered in hotels, motels and inns. Myanmar, Chinese, Asian and Mediterranean cuisine are available.

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Burma travel guide & places of interest

Today Yangon is a mixture of culture and ethnicity; a place where you will see suitable business people next to dressed friars.

Open to the outside community recently, you may be surprised to know that Myanmar has already taken a prominent place in the bustling tourist landscape of SEA. Discover with us old monasteries, discover the buddhistic civilization and live a land in the middle of monuments!

Would you like to know more about Myanmar? Where' s Myanmar? From May to September there is monsoons, so wrap anumbrella to come over the year!

Hiring a vehicle can be expensive, while some of the remotest places demand a plane or canoe.

Shwedagon Paya's buddhistic memorial is the place to take photographs, but you'll find that Yangon has much more to offer when you do it. If you are here for your stay in a colorful architectural setting or just want to let go in a beautifully landscaped town, this is the place to be. As Yangon is about to take you in, it may take a little more trouble to get along with Mandalay - Myanmar's second biggest town.

Here the Bamiar civilization is flourishing - but it might take a little unpacking to appreciate it.

Only a few places catch the quintessence of Myanmar like Lake Inle. You will find near buddhistic churches, while the surrounding hills are home to many of Myanmar’ ethnic group. It' s stunning and at the same and it won't be long before you realise why Inle Lake is one of the top resorts in the world.

But in the end there is no other place in Myanmar that can keep up with Bagan. It is a holy Buddhist site that almost resists logics, as those who overcome the long ascent will see clearly.

More thrifty travelers can make do with about $70 a days, while those who want to try luxuries should plan for about $136 a da. As Myanmar has made great progress recently, a high level of prudence is needed due to the strained policy and possible riots.

In addition, unnecessary trips to the state of Rakhine should be prevented (although Ngapali is safer), while all trips to the Thai, Chinese and Lao border should be averted.

More information on security can be found in the Canadian Traveller Advisory for Myanmar. PICK UP THE OTHER OF OUR GUIDEBOOKS (AND MUCH MORE) WITH CONTINENTAL LANDS! For more information on the Myanmar region's past and present, see our Myanmar profile and our spots. Visit Myanmar's tourist website for more information.

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