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Kyaiktiyo Mrauk U. Book your tickets online for the most important activities in Myanmar on TripAdvisor: Myanmar's former capital and largest city, also the gateway for many visitors. southern Myanmar and the Irrawaddy Delta. in Rakhine, Chin and West Burma. Let us discover the best destinations, sights and attractions for your Myanmar vacation.

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The Pindaya Cave: The Pindaya cave is located near the Shan town of Pindaya, not far from Lake Inle. While there are three caverns, only one is open to the public.) According to tradition, a huge tarantula once inhabited them. She was imprisoned by the tarantula and kept her prisoner until a prinz kills her and liberates the priden.

The caves are in fact an important place of worship for Burmese Buddhists. It' s 492ft long and filled with more than 9,000 Buddha pictures that date back to the eighteenth cent. They are made of golden, terracotta, marble, bronce and other material; some are small, others life-size.

Myanmar Top Travel Places

Burma is a very inspirational land that has been insulated for many years. It is not only known for a wealthy Buddhist civilization, but also for a great variety of natural and cultural heritage, most of which is still mysterious. We suggest the best places to travel in Myanmar for every trip to Myanmar:

Until 2005, Yangon or Rangon was the capitol of Myanmar. It is a vivid reflection of Yangon's colorful architectural style, a mixture of the cultures of Indians, Chinese and Mon, who are the main residences of Yangon. It is a vibrant town with all the attractions, there are many intriguing shops, quiet seas, verdant gardens, glittering sanctuaries and historic cathedrals.

The Shwedagon is a must and a trip to Yangon is not complete without going to this magnificent place. Constructed in the sixth centuary, the building houses the most beautiful Buddhist heritage. This is the world' s biggest temple and the most popular place of worship in Burma.

RockImage is a 600 -ton gold cliff, oddly poised on the outskirts of the Paung Laung area. It' takes some work for a long landscape trip from Yangon, but it is a true place to see the true Buddhist mind in Burma.

Bagan, also known as Pagan, is located on the side of the Irrawaddy River, with its gigantic temples and the plains of the pagodas from the eleventh and seventeenth centuries. Between Shwezigon and Dhammayangyi or Ananda Pagode, Bagan is not only an excellent place for archaeologists, but also for travellers looking for an unmistakable South East Asian city.

Mandalay Marked is the last remaining capitol of the Burmese empire, Myanmar is now the second biggest town in the state. For those who want to know how the friars lived, go to Mandalay ! if you want to see many old cities with a rich story, go to Mandalay ! There is always something to do in the area, even for the most demanding traveller.

Home to Inle LakePicturesque Inle Lake's unparalleled Intha angling techniques, enchanting stilted towns and unbelievable pools. For those looking for the ultimative recreation in conjunction with culture, Inle is probably the best. Visiting the Indeinmarkt or the Nyang Shwe swimming fair would be as interesting as a beautiful meeting with Pa O, Palaung and many other mountain people.

There are plenty of products from the farms, sea-catching, cigars, silk and craft.

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