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Myanmar's trading capital is Yangon. Kyaiktiyo Mrauk U. Book your tickets online for the most important activities in Myanmar on TripAdvisor: Myanmar's former capital and largest city, also the gateway for many visitors. South Myanmar and the Irrawaddy Delta. in Rakhine, Chin and West Burma.

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Let us help you find the best places to visit, sights and places of interest for your Myanmar-holidays. It is one of the most enigmatic countries in Southeast Asia due to its richness in culture and geography and has preserved much of its historic and original nature. Rediscover the great impression of Myanmar and the attractive charms of the land.

Built in 1044 by King Anawrahta, Bagan has been known as the nation's capitol since the first ruling family. About 2000 sanctuaries and stupas extend over 42 kmĀ² of the deserts, which makes the whole place a "sanctuary city". Especially for travellers who explore the area, it should be noted that Bagan is not like its neighbour Siem Reap or even Luang Prabang, it is an urban sprawl and everything that resembles a sleepy landscape is missing.

Myanmar's second biggest town, Mandalay is still a kind of regal centre of the state. In contrast to Yangon, the town no longer looks the same as it did when it was Burma's last monarch. This large busy town is located near the Pyin U Lwin mountain terminal, where the most powerful rural heritage of Upper Burma is located.

Mandalay is a must - come and see us on your top listing of trips to Burma. As one of the most popular areas in the land, Lake Inle is still easily found, where one has the feeling of being the only foreigner. Wishful place - Inle Lake is the major tourist centre when you come to Nyaungshwe Township and is regarded as the best place to start your own business.

There are also countless swimming pools, abbeys, markets and of course the famous Inle Sea fishers who rowing with only one foot. Those who are sick of being on a motorboat can rent a cycle in the city and see some of the sights around the lakes. A bosun will help you to take yourself and your cycle across the beautiful lakes and back to the city centre.

Stop for Red Mountain Estate is a must when you visit Inle Lake, it's a pleasurable experience to discover breathtaking scenery as well as exquisite dining and quite good toast. Since 2005 Naypyidaw is the officially capitol of Burma. Its name is synonymous with the title "Royal Town of the Sun", making it a delightful and inspirational place to visit for your trip to Myanmar.

The Uppatasanti Pagoda is the singular and adorable Naypyidaw landmark that makes up almost every travel packet to this captivel. Myoma is also the most remarkable Naypyidaw store not to be missed. This makes Myoma the best place to buy Myanmar memorabilia, especially in Naypyidaw.

Ngapali, one of the best in Myanmar, is situated in the state of Rakhine and extends along the Bay of Bengal. Due to the development times and the impact, Ngapali still have the most unspoiled unspoilt characteristics of most of the area, where the visitor will be able to experience the real beauty of the sea itself.

Today Ngapali is still known for its instinctual and immaculate youth. This is the most beautiful marine landscape for those who live a contemporary lifestyle in city areas and are looking for a place to unwind and savour the real charms of beaches. On the small hill there is a beautiful, calm sea, which is actually a dam with clear waters that allows the visitor to go fishing but not swimming.

That is why Ngapali is Myanmar receives a valuable present from the planet. The Irrawaddy Falls flow 2000 kilometres from the beginning to the end of the land, appreciating Myanmar's everyday existence, testifying to Myanmar's past and bringing together the peoples of the far northern and south. At a time of globalisation, one thing about this powerful stream is unchanged: the riverside communities and the riverside communities.

The Irrawaddy is the same as hundreds of years ago with fish and food up to the rivers. The cruise liner from the beginning to the end of the riverbank will show visitors that living on the riverbank is becoming more and more busy as large and small vessels transport goods and travellers and floats of tea wood and barracuda are flowing with the tide.

A Irrawaddy trip is best during the high tide from Bhamo to Bagan, the most appealing part of the year. At the moment you will see the people of Myanmar who practice their habits and tradition.

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