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Let us discover the best destinations, sights and attractions for your Myanmar vacation. Discover the people, architecture, history and cultures that make Myanmar unique. The Hpa-an has all the prerequisites for a popular destination.

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The Pindaya Cave: The Pindaya cave is located near the Shan town of Pindaya, not far from Lake Inle. While there are three caverns, only one is open to the public.) According to tradition, a huge tarantula once inhabited them. She was imprisoned by the tarantula and kept her prisoner until a prinz kills her and liberates the priden.

The caves are in fact an important place of worship for Burmese Buddhists. It' s 492ft long and filled with more than 9,000 Buddha pictures that date back to the eighteenth cent. They are made of golden, terracotta, marble, bronce and other material; some are small, others life-size.

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Burma connects very well with the neighbouring states of Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Myanmar destination's cultural wealth and stunning scenery promise to provide the tourist with the best travel package and memory of Myanmar. Travellers to Myanmar, a Myanmar mystery country, are received by the natives, making it one of the most worthwhile travel locations in Southeast Asia.

Myanmar's travel experience is unparalleled and inimitable. Indeed, there are countless of Myanmar's preeminent destinations to be discovered by all visitors. Concentrate on the inspirational sights eeing name in Myanmar: Every one of these attractions in Myanmar will attract visitors from all over the world.

Yangon Capital is the varied and colourful country, Keng Tung is known for its mediaeval atmosphere and Pyin Oo Lwin is one of the most beautiful hillside cities in the world. When you travel to Myanmar, you will be greatly rewards. It is a country that shows the best that the gem of Southeast Asia has to offer.

Today, Myanmar receives the rest of the country to appreciate its exceptional charms in the old shrines, the mediaeval city, the beaches, the distant countryside, etc. Start your unique Myanmar tours now!

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